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Learn how to approach reading behind closed doors. In this training with Brandaleen.
Understand how to direct your awareness in ways you have never tried before! 

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You’re ready to discover and claim your innate spiritual gifts and see miracles unfolding before your eyes!

You’re called to be of service and work for something bigger than yourself.

Together, you will be the change you wish to see in this world!

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Awaken 2.0

Awaken 2.0 teaches advanced spiritual techniques and dives deep into the dark side of spirituality and psychic mediumship. Students learn advanced protection techniques and how to identify types of spirits, entities and attachments. Students also learn how to do different types of readings, such as voice only, mediumship, finding your lover, channeling, reading through people, and name-only readings. Graduates have awakened 2.0 successfully learn how to provide services to clients who need house blessings, spirits crossed over and removing attachments.

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Meet Your Spirit Guides

In this course, you will learn how to establish and strengthen communication with your spirit guides!

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Life Purpose Exploration

Are you ready to explore what it is you are meant to do in this life? Like truly meant to do? Then I have a quick course for you to help you along the way! 

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Manifest Your Lover

Learn Brandaleen’s step by step method on how you can manifest your lover!

How to get out of your own way
Astrology and manifesting your lover
Feng shui and your lover
And some basic tips on how to create a healthy relationship from the beginning instead of having it turn into the same old reoccurring toxic relationships you may have had in the past.

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An Intensive Session is for the individual who feels out of alignment in an area of their life or business but feels confident that they will be able to take action on their own to achieve their desired results based on what they gain clarity on through working with Brandaleen.

Working with your unique energy, Brandaleen incorporates mindset, law of attraction, quantum intelligence, and her connection with Spirit (Source/Universe/Guides) to bring you back into alignment with the frequency of your dream life and business.

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Living as an Empath

I Got You Boo!
Your sensitivity may feel like a curse, but it is really your super power!

You belong to a wave of awakening sensitive people who came to spread love and I can’t wait to share all about your purpose when you sign up!

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Selling As an Empath 

Are you ready to feel some relief? While being an empath and Entrepreneur it can be hard to juggle it all and not let your business go to the wayside because you are a little (or a LOT), stuck in your feels (Don’t worry sweet friend it’s not a bad thing.)

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Learn how to hone in, enhance, and strengthen your specialty, and you will learn to implement strategy on social media to attract new raving clients. Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn exactly what you need, or don’t need to be up and running your biz! 

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