Courses I have for you.

Alchemize Your IG

People will no longer see you as a friend that shares inspiring Memes in their stories and they will see you as an authority figure that they want to be like and therefore they will buy from

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Life Purpose Exploration

Are you ready to explore what it is you are meant to do in this life? Like truly meant to do? Then I have a quick course for you to help you along the way! for only 

I am Ready


You’re ready to discover and claim your innate spiritual gifts and see miracles unfolding before your eyes!

You’re called to be of service and work for something bigger than yourself.

Together, you will be the change you wish to see in this world!

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Selling As an Empath 

Are you ready to feel some relief? While being an empath and Entrepreneur it can be hard to juggle it all and not let your business go to the wayside because you are a little (or a LOT) stuck in your feels ( Don’t worry sweet friend it’s not a bad thing.).

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Test Your Abilities Mini Course!

You have taken the quiz! 
Now its time to truly test your skills in this Mini Course 

Learn how to approach reading behind closed doors. In this training with Brandaleen.
Understand how to direct your awareness in ways you have never tried before! 

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