Consciously Transform

with Spiritual Coach Brandaleen

What if you could finally find the secret formula to be, do and have the life you really want?

Hey Goddess, I bet you have tried it all! You have studied, you have meditated and you have even embodied the version of the person you aim

...and it just didn’t work!

Sure, you have had your moments where you felt like you were #winning at life, but soon you found yourself in the same patterns, having the same painful experiences and you just want to hide under the covers. (Been there)

You felt like you had it all figured out and it felt so good! (I call this being on your Unicorn) But, then you fell off and you just don’t know who you are anymore or how to make this change, permanent!

finally stop the endless ups and downs for good and in just a short time?

working WITH the Universal laws and not against them?

Imagine feeling confident about where your future is headed and knowing you have the tools to change it at every turn!

You can finally work in flow with the Universe and ditch the resistance!

Oh, and that money amazing will your life be when you can embrace this energetic tool and have it work for you instead of always cringing or having fear-based thoughts around it? (Can I get a hell yeah?)


Girl, I got you!

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I'm a spiritual life and business coach, and I teach people how to AWAKEN their connection with Spirit and ALIGN with the frequency of the higher life they deserve.

I have spent the last several years coaching hundreds of women to consciously create joy and abundance in all areas of their lives through online courses and programs and one-on-one coaching!

My coaching strategy is about helping you awaken to the beliefs that have been holding you back and aligning with the life you want to be, do and have through combining success strategies with spiritual practices.

I became a spiritual coach in 2010 after I had a spiritual awakening that changed everything!  I used to feel disconnected from what society was telling me to be. I didn't fit into the norm.  I didn't know my purpose and I was FAR from being abundant.  After my awakening, I transformed my life into what it is today and I knew it was my Soul's calling to help other women transform their lives too!

you will transform the world!

Life Transformation

Business Breakthrough

Spiritual Connection

Relationship Dyna

Helping women awaken and align with a higher consciousness life and the abundance that comes with it!!

I help women with emotional and spiritual breakthroughs

Heal money blocks

Transform relationships

Discover and ignite inner power

Recreate and transform identities

I am on a mission to change the world by connecting women to the power of their consciousness!

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Just a few years ago I was broke AF, making hardly any money in my coaching business

Before that, I worked in Corporate America for over 15 years as a Marketing Specialist in Commercial Real Estate.  I saw no end in sight besides working until I was 73 to get social security and then my old ass would finally be able to enjoy life - this just didn't sit well with me.  Add that to being bullied by my boss and drained from being away from home for over 10 hours a day.  I KNEW I wanted and deserved SO MUCH more in my life than this!

I knew in my heart that I was here for something bigger than myself and so was everyone else!

I left Corporate America after almost having a complete breakdown and started an online business. But soon, I found myself still not making money and eventually, I lost two homes to forclosure and had to claim bankruptcy.  I felt like I lost and even worse, I felt like a fraud!

I went outside and layed in the grass, staring up at the sky and made a decision that would change my life forever!

I swore that I would dive deep into my spirituality, master the Universal Law of Attraction, and then I would help others do the same!

I learned how to get, AND STAY, in alignment with the Universe and I became a magnet to my deepest desires.

I became aware that the Universe was moving on my behalf, in every moment, and how to use that to my advantage.

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You know you are here for something special because you can feel it.  You've known it for a long time.  You've felt like there is more to this life than going through the motions of society.  And you KNOW you are not just here to pay bills until you die.

I left Corporate America over 7 years ago after working over 15 years as a marketing specialist in a well known commercial real estate firm.  Now I have a successful business that has created time freedom, financial stability, and ignites my soul. 

That's why I help shed light and empower those who feel this calling.  You are here to change this world, your message is important, you deserve to be happy, abundant, and to grow into being a strong leader for others!

Are you tired of trying to figure all this out on your own? Only to find yourself in the same place, years later?"

I know you have doubts. You may not feel 'good enough' as you are. You may feel like something has to happen before you can take action. You may even think you need more education, or you may even have the invisible "ruler syndrome". The, "Once I get here, I'll be good enough." (Trust me, "here", never comes.)

Once you make a choice to move forward the Universe must comply.  It is the law of attraction.

I want to help you do what I have done by breaking free from a life of just paying bills and for you to have the means to create an impact on our world!

Don't Wait on the Universe because the Universe is Waiting on YOU

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I’m so blessed to work with these clients! 

“Before working with Brandaleen I was completely unsure of what aspect of my many businesses I wanted to focus on and since then I have a clear idea of what my next step and I can’t wait to see where my personal life and bushiness goes!  ”Amanda Trudel

Higher Consciousness Health Coach

#The spiritual awakening shone light on the one thing I was missing in life, a connection to something bigger than myself, something that made me feel like I found "home".  Brandaleen's knowledge helped me develop my spiritual gifts which then brought what I thought was my darkness into the light and I am forever grateful for diving into this too that is there for all of us!"

"Brandaleen is a business magician! She used her powers to uplift, inspire, motivate, and support me as my business evolved. She helped me find my voice and become more confident in my brand and my services. She wouldn't let me make excuses that kept me from functioning at my full potential. She ignited a fire in me that I didn't realize needed to be lit! Just a few months of working with her changed my life. My friends and family noticed the change right away. I was more focused, worked more diligently and found the CLARITY I had been praying for. The tips on attraction marketing and working from a spiritually centered approach really, really helped me feel more confident. Thank you so much, Brandaleen"

Kaycie Metzelaars

Spiritual CoachThe Chakra Lady

“Brandaleen, helped me define my purpose and passion in my life, put together a business path for my chosen passion, and the number one thing I discovered coaching with Brandaleen, was that it was all possible.  I was going to be living my purpose while helping others and becoming financially independent.  To give the gift of hope is an amazing thing!  She helped me get rid of self-limiting beliefs, and replace them with positive thoughts.”

Jill Landrie

“Brandaleen has been a key support in empowering me to pursue my life’s purpose and live my joy. As a coach, Brandaleen inspires me, motivates me, helps keep me accountable, as well as guides me to find clarity through self-inquiry and intuitive introspection.”

Stacie Danielle,

Empowering Empaths