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From seeing 11:11, to becoming more sensitive to the energies around you. Experiencing your ability to communicate and receive information from invisible forces..

Brandaleen is here as your guide and mentor.

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Whether you’re brand new to entrepreneurship or you’re scaling to six figures and beyond, Brandaleen’s business coaching can help you start and scale! 👉🏻

Brandaleen works with new intuitives to help them establish their online presence, middle-range entrepreneurs to help them create a client journey by formulating a rock-solid product suite so they can scale to six figures and she helps higher-level entrepreneurs bust through their income ceiling by coaching them through their inner work so they can continue to scale past six figures!

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I'm Brandaleen

I am a Spiritual Coach who helps people awaken to their spiritual gifts, align to the frequency of their dream life and business and IGNITE their future!

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Aug 11, 2020

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