Learn Brandaleen’s step by step method on how you can manifest your lover!


* How to get out of your own way
* Astrology and manifesting your lover
* Feng shui and your lover
* How to create a healthy relationship from the beginning instead of having it turn into the same old reoccurring toxic relationships you may have had in the past. 
* Bonus lesson. 45 minute training with guest expert Shannon Kelley on cultivating conscious relationships and how to apply it to dating.
* Bonus lesson with Brandaleen. How to bring existing relationships back into balance, plus 
* The energetic dance of establishing a new relationship.
* How language you use changes the balance.
* What to do if your relationship gets out of balance.
* Why YOU are the common denominator in your relationships.


This course is over 3.5 hrs of content for only $22

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