Brandaleen Johnson

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You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul with a body.

Have you always wondered how people connect with their intuition, become psychic or how some people can speak to the dead?  

Intrigued?  Then keep reading Soul Friends!

I was a seemingly "normal" person most of my life until I developed my intuition and now I have the ability to speak to the dead, Angels, Spirit Guides and tap into Source energy in order to give you information about your life.  You see, we all have this special gift and all we need to do is exercise this invisible muscle.

I mean, can I go run a marathon right now?  Heck no!  Not without being trained and using the muscles and knowledge it takes.  (I'm not exactly sure I want to run a marathon either.)

I love teaching intuition, psychic and mediumship development because....well, would the captain of the ship leave without his compass?  Um, I think not.  So why would we try to live our life and find our purpose without using our inner guidance system, right?

Anyway, enough silly talk.  If you would like to learn more about my upcoming online and self paced development course, check out the deets on here ----> Class

"Intuition development is so important. Claim your natural birth right so that you can easily navigate through life by using your internal guidance system." Brandaleen Johnson