Own your powerful intuitive business like a spiritual BOSS!

Imagine being seen as a business owner instead of having an inbox full of desperate people asking for free readings.

What if you could stop second-guessing your abilities and show up with confidence and attract paying customers.

What if you had all the tools and strategy laid out for you so you can stop resisting or avoiding creating your online business.

And all and just eight weeks

How your confidence will skyrocket because you have to learn

how to effectively deliver your readings

You start actually making money, consistently, because you

learn how to price your valuable services accordingly

You have all the logistics in place and you can be “open for business“

How exhilarating it will feel when all your clients are raving about you because you helped them using your unique abilities

How it will feel when your inbox is filled with validations and referrals from your clients

But, you’re not there yet!

It’s okay because that’s why I created Read

Read is for the intuitive who has been called to work with and for spirit by

offering your gift as a professional service

You feel like your readings have to be “this much” better before you show up

When you do charge you put your rates super low so that you can help anyone and everyone but NO ONE is buying?

Maybe you aren’t even sure how to package your gifts into a business in the online space.

You have tons of messages from friends, family and online buddies reaching out asking for advice or even worse, a FREE READING! This means you are in the “friend zone “.

Not thinking of yourself as a business owner and being stuck in the “hobby zone”

Sound familiar? This is exactly why Read is for you!

You feel it

Your guides keep nudging you

You are daydreaming about it

You see others out there killing it

You desire to help others is overwhelming


You don’t know where to start

You get overwhelmed

You don’t know where to start

You get overwhelmed

Do you feel like an imposter or you keep telling yourself “I’m not ready yet or I’m not good enough yet“

I developed my gifts and started my spiritual business almost 9 years ago and I was just like you

I had the same fears, doubts, and overwhelm

What if I didn’t start my business because of all these reasons?

But I did

I knew spirit needed me to help

I knew that my fears were my ego trying to “keep me safe“

I knew I finally found my life‘s purpose

I showed up scared and I did it anyways and because of that my gifts grew 1000 times and I have taught hundreds of people to develop their gift so that they can live their purpose while helping spirit with their mission, to help him unity and raise our consciousness!


Hone in enhance, and strengthen your specialty


Biz Tools

Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn exactly what you need, or don’t need to be up and running your biz

Social Strategy

implement strategy on social media to attract new raving clients


  • Have eight modules with video, audio and worksheets to work through from Brandaleen
  • Learn all the back into tools you need to officially run your business
  • Learn how to direct your readings
  • Explore the power of gallery readings
  • Discover how to position yourself on social media
  • Learn about your pricing and your value
  • Gain confidence like the badass intuitive that you are
  • Practice with your peers
  • Learn how to turn a “difficult” client into a raving fan with real results
  • How to enhance your offerings to serve a broader audience

And so much more!

Learn how to hone in, enhance, and strengthen your specialty, and you will learn to implement strategy on social media to attract new raving clients. 

Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn exactly what you need, or don’t need to be up and running your biz!
$499.00 USD

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