Do you ever wonder why you are here?

You know there’s more to life than paying bills until you die, but you keep on going through the motions just to survive.
You have felt that there is something special inside you, that you came here to do something bigger than yourself...
But then you think, that HAS to be too good to be true.
Maybe you've had some of the symptoms of the Spiritual Awakening,
but they leave you feeling like you're just crazy and making things up.

You want more from this existence!

If you are reading this, then it is time to awaken the magic inside of you
and live in alignment with your unique purpose and mission!

What’s the solution?
Accept life as it is and try to stay positive? 

Your Soul says that’s not going to work any longer!

Society tells you to get married, have kids, have good credit, go into debt, follow the rules and then, when you retire, you can enjoy life and do what you really want.  When will that be?  When you’re 70?
There’s one thing you know and that is you can’t spend the rest of your life like this.  Even if you could you sure don’t want to.

& Deserves!

You’re ready to discover and claim your innate spiritual gifts and see miracles unfolding before your eyes!
You’re called to be of service and work for something bigger than yourself.
You have been craving a tribe of spiritual besties who are feeling the calling and ready to make radical changes just like you!
Together, you will be the change you wish to see in this world!
I'm ready to make a real change. Sign me up!

I'm here to tell you, you can!

Following the masses is an epidemic.  And, honestly, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.


Awaken is everything you need to discover and develop your innate spiritual gifts,
your psychic and even mediumship abilities, for a complete spiritual transformation!

Take a second and allow yourself to imagine your

potential as an awakened lightworker.

When you close your eyes
can you picture:


  • Being totally aligned with who you are meant to be.  You know you are special but don’t know how to find it.
  • Seeing the impact you make in the lives of others by sharing your gifts.
  • Having a connection with your inner spirit and working with something that is bigger than you!
  • Knowing that you are part of the collective evolution and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Having the ability to work from anywhere and having more abundance by living your Soul’s mission.

Listen to what this student has to say . . .

Where can I sign up RIGHT NOW?!

Take a look at this proven curriculum that gives

you the easy shortcut to a complete transformation!

Module 1

* Chakras & communication
* How to do a reading and practice reading exercises
* Intuition, the first steps

* Spiritual protection and boundaries

Module 2

* Clairvoyance symptoms and focused development
* Practice reading exercises
* Strengthening communication
* Remote viewing practice and validation

Module 3

* Clairaudience symptoms and focused development
* How to deliver information from Spirit
* Practice photo reading exercises

Module 4

Clairsentience symptoms and focused development
* Psychometry exercise

* Practice reading through time and space

Module 5

* Mediumship symptoms and focused development
* Tips to give better readings
* Practice reading exercises with validation

Module 6

* Self care & sacred space
* Practice reading people you know
* Practice reading exercises

Module 7

* Meet and learn to work with your angels
* Automatic writing
* Practice reading exercises

Module 8

Animal communication
* Phone readings
* Practice reading exercises

Module 9

* Spiritual tools
* Confidence training intensive
* Practice reading exercises

Module 10

* Different modalities explored
* Your purpose and modality
* Your role as a lightworker

** BONUS with Purchase! **

When you purchase, you get immediate access to two of my courses to give you a great foundation to build off from:
* Intuition, The First Steps - AND
* Meet Your Spirit Guides with purchase


3 Months of Bi Weekly Group support

Awaken's Guest Experts:

Ron Schaefer

Miracle Mindset Coach and Spiritual Intuitive.

Johnine Barlow

Gifted Medium, Soul Mentor, Transformational Guide and Awakened Business Leader.

Megan Nicole

Spiritual Life Coach, Medium, NLP Practitioner, and healer.

What my Students Have to Say About me!

Hi, I’m Brandaleen

Hi, I’m Brandaleen and I used to be a “normal” human!  I worked as a marketing specialist in corporate America for over 15 years.  But…..
I didn’t feel like I fit in, nor did I want to, to society’s norm.  I felt lost.  I knew there was more to life than paying bills until I died.  I knew, deep down, I was here for something bigger than myself.
And then, it happened!  I started to experience the spiritual awakening!
I became sensitive to crowds.  I could feel the emotions of others around me.  I felt like I imagined people’s lives while I stood behind them in line at the store.
Fast forward to today and I have found my purpose and my entire life and reality changed.  Now I  am a spiritual life and business coach, psychic medium, author and educator specializing in helping you develop into your special gifts!


Because you know YOU came here for more than going through the motions of society, and I KNOW (because I’m psychic – funny but seriously), that we are evolving as a species!  Are you ready to find purpose, help others, and make an impact?

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