• Are you wasting your time trying to use the Instagram platform without understanding how it actually works for your business?
  • Are you leaving money on the table because your bio talks about all of your tools that you use and not the transformation that you provide?
  • Are you shouting out to the masses but no one is buying Because you blend in with the sea of thousands of other entrepreneurs in the online space?
  • Do you use your Instagram stories more as an inspiring slide of random Memes instead of creating authority so that your audience knows when to buy?
  • Are you having a hard time finding your audience on other platforms such as Facebook but you just don’t even know where to start with the Instagram platform?


This is a real problem and I created Alchemize Your Instagram,
because you need to:

  • Stand out in the sea of entrepreneurs in the online space
  • Stand out from the thousands of others that are offering the same offers you have or have the same tools that you have such as doing readings or healings etc.
  • People need a clear understanding from your bio if you actually solve their problem
  • People spend a matter of seconds checking you out to decide if they will follow or not

In Alchemize Your Instagram, you will learn:

  • How to create a blanket bio that attracts your entire audience
  • How to create a bio that converts during your launches or when you have a specific offer
  • How to stand out from the thousands of others who offer your same service
  • You will learn the power of video marketing and how to use it warm up your audience, create authority and convert your audience into paying clients
  • You will learn the difference between posts, stories, and reels and how to use them effectively in your business


  • Two master classes: Instagram bios and standing out in your niche, Video marketing that sells

  • Access to two 60-minute group coaching call recordings with Brandaleen and past students to help you answer questions in your specific brand

  • Lifetime access to everything inside, that will remain available for you in your coursework on the website

Alchemize My IG

Just imagine how you will feel after you have a clear understanding of how to share who you are, what you have to offer, and why you are unique by creating a bio that converts.

People will no longer see you as a friend that shares inspiring Memes in their stories and they will see you as an authority figure that they want to be like and therefore they will buy from.

You already know that the Facebook platform is becoming less and less “friendly” to entrepreneurs and that Instagram is the place to be in order for you to continue growing your business.

Check this out!

This student went from doing everything you shouldn't in her Instagram,
to gaining so much clarity from taking this program. Ever since, her viewership more than doubled!

Alchemize My IG