Are you having your spiritual awakening?  Are you having unexplainable experiences that leave you feeling crazy and you have no one to talk to? Are you experiencing waves of emotions, social anxiety or even been diagnosed with a mental illness like Bi-Polar Disorder?

I got you!

Hi!  I’m Brandaleen!

I’m a spiritual life and biz coach, psychic medium, author and educator and I help people awaken to their spiritual gifts and support them through their spiritual awakening process from beginning to biz.

I wasn’t always this version of myself.  I left corporate America going on 9 years ago where I was a marketing specialist for a large commercial real estate firm.  After a nervous breakdown and full well knowing there had to be more to life than where I was I moved across the country and had my spiritual awakening!

My awakening brought me to where I am now knowing that there is a heck of a lot more to life than going through the motions of the slumbering society and paying bills until we die.

If you are having your spiritual awakening it is because you are being called into action to fulfill your life’s purpose as a lightworker.

I have helped 100s of people through their spiritual awakening and taught them how to embrace and develop their spiritual gifts (psychic & mediumship abilities) but it all starts with them finding me and sharing their unique experiences.

I want to hear your stories too!

I made this blog post as a safe place for you to share because I know how crazy you can feel.  I know that you can feel like you are losing your shit or that you are making things up in your head, but you’re not!  You’re becoming AWARE of what has always been there because you are evolving into a highly sensitive person that can see, hear, feel and know things that were once hidden behind a denser “veil”.

Trust me when I say, “I have heard it all” because I want to be extremely clear, I have heard it all!!  (insert laughy face emoji)!

From inanimate objects speaking, to hearing your name being called, to speaking to spirits via your bathroom light, to having astral projection, and on and on and on!  I got you boo!

What is likely happening is your intuitive muscles known as Clairaudience, psychic hearing; Clairvoyance, psychic seeing; Clairsentience, psychic feeling, Claircognance, psychic knowing, your Empathy, psychic emotional feeling, and your Mediumship, the ability to communicate with the invisible realm via your intuitive muscles are all starting to open up.  This can cause utter confusion, unexplainable paranormal experiences and leave you feeling bat shit crazy!

How I can help you!

  • First, please leave your beautiful stories in the comments below and of course feel free to read and respond to the others.
  • Second, run, don’t walk and join our Facebook Community today!
  • You can also take the free quiz to find out which one of your gifts is already the strongest!
  • If you need paranormal support you will want to check out the free library on the site to learn and manage these types of experiences!
  • And when you are ready to delve deeper, develop your unique abilities and step into your role as a lightworker to fulfill your human mission then come on in and join the AWAKEN program!

I am so happy you found me!  You are NOT alone on this journey.  You really are special.  You really are being called into action to serve your purpose and life really can be amazing when you do!

Love you!

Your spiritual coach,


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