No matter what you want….

  • Money
  • Health
  • Your spouse to snuggle more
  • Positive body image
  • More clients for courses or a full coaching roster
  • Tacos for dinner
  • or even simply being a happier more positive person

It all comes back to your frequency and what you are in ALIGNMENT with energetically.

Your mind is more likely to focus on what is missing or the negative side of things because, well, that’s how it was taught to work.

How NOT to be in alignment:

  • You keep focusing on what’s wrong
  • You resent people who have what you want
  • You don’t change but complain when noting changes

What being in ALIGNMENT means:

  • You can FEEL what it will feel like to have it
  • You take messy action to get it
  • You make space for it FAR before you see it coming (I’m secretly thinking about an empty pate waiting for tacos)
  • You surround yourself with people who have it (tacccoosss)
  • You get a coach to help you get there (most coaches have coaches, I do!)
These are just a few ideas for you to start implementing.  I know it’s easy to believe one day and hide under the covers the next because I’ve been there!  You have to keep reprogramming yourself until it clicks but DEF hanging with the high vibe tribe in our group is a great way to stay on your Unicorn.

For a meditative exercise on how to open up to the possibilities of your desires and what happens energetically when you do, CLICK HERE and watch the live training I did in our private community.

Love your spiritual coach,

And…..if you are an entrepreneur and want to ALIGN YOUR BIZ see my 8-week mentorship program.  Find out more here and connect with me for questions.

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