Many of my “downloads” and channeling comes to me while I’m in the shower and because of that I have started to call the entity who gives me this information, The Shower Goddess.

Today’s download is all about the origination of our desires.  Where do they come from?

I asked my husband what he thought and he said, “they come from within”.

Interestingly enough, I also decided to look up where the word desire originated from and this is what I found:  early 13c., from Old French desirrer (12c.) “wish, desire, long for,” from Latin desiderare “long for, wish for; demand, expect,” original sense perhaps “await what the stars will bring,” from the phrase de sidere “from the stars,” from sidus (genitive sideris) “heavenly body, star, constellation”

I don’t even know why this subject came to my attention but it left me delving into some deep thought, some deep claircognanze, psychic knowing, and my mind is still reeling.

We are but a tool for a much larger picture, my friends.  In my experience in teaching people to develop their gifts, I have found that everyone is intuitive, we simply pick up the information being sent to us through the frequency of the Universe by utilizing the intuitive muscle that is the strongest for us.  For example, a clairvoyant will see a vision, whereas a clairaudient will hear and a claircognant will simply come into a knowing.

Some thoughts that came flooding to me while I went through the mindless motions of bathing were: Do the squirrels really desire to gather nuts, or are they in tune with a frequency that is so strong it creates desire?  It’s not like one squirrel decides he has a desire to gather nuts and the others don’t.  Every single squirrel takes action at exactly the right time.

Im not just talking about squirrels either.  When you pay attention to the way of the world, just like the character in The Alchemist became aware, you will find that all of nature moves with the frequency of the Universe.  I have even found that people have similar desires and for no apparent reason.

For example, I have done hundreds of discovery calls where I have helped people find their soul’s purpose.  On these calls I ask several questions and get to the root of their desires, because even though you would think they would know what they want, most people ignore their deep desires because of their human programming,  After so many of these calls, I couldn’t help but notice that out of the hundreds of people I spoke with an overwhelming 90% or MORE wanted the same exact thing.  They all wanted to have, create or be part of a sustainable farm or community.

How did all of these people end up with the same desire?

Your desire comes from you picking up on the frequency of the Universe.  You made an agreement to come here and do something amazing and how else would you complete your task without a desire to do so?

As within, so without and just like the definition of the root of the word desire says “from the stars”, you too are picking up on the frequency.

Definitely some food for thought from The Shower Goddess!  Share in the comments what your deep desire is.

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