The spiritual awakening” kinda sounds like a movement doesn’t it?

Once you start having it you will seek like minds and realize it IS a movement.  It’s a movement to shift into a higher consciousness.

When I was a kid the word “spiritual” reminded me of my ‘bible thumping’ dad and that came with a not so good feeling because he was always telling me about the rules I had to follow, or else. (doomed to hell)

The IRONY is right here because, eh hem, I’m a spiritual leader. (Have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy and can you relate to what I’m saying in this sentence?  Because if you have, stop right now and message me because we are gonna be besties)

Anywho, I’m writing this to share the different points in your life that are SIGNS that it is time to stop trying to be human so hard (kinda like adulting) and open your awareness to the fact that there’s a lot more going on in/out there than going through the motions that society has laid before you.

  1.  You have been (or still are) seeking joy, comfort, relief, love or the like through excessive drugs, alcohol, food, sex, shopping, gambling, etc.
  2. You are in recovery from the above.
  3. You lack a sense of purpose even though you are doing what you thought you were destined for.
  4. You do NOT fit in to society’s norm.
  5. You feel a complete disconnect from working until you retire, being in debt, going to school and not wanting to do what you went to school for, and you feel like the medical industry has gone bonkers.
  6. You wake up one day (usually between the ages of 30-55) and don’t even know who you really are because you have sacrificed your life doing what everyone else told you to do.
  7. You are going through a major life change triggered by death of a loved one, a divorce, a move across the country (me), got fired from your career.
  8. You are scared as hell that the world is going to end.  You may even be a prepper or food hoarder.
  9. You think the news is fake but don’t know what to do about it.
  10. You want to help make big changes on our earth.
  11. You actually start seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing things that make you feel like you’re going crazy.

Not to say that these are the only signs that it is time to accept that there is a shift happening but these are definitely the main ones that my clients share with me.  Can you guess what triggered me? (I’d say 5-8 was where I started)

So what happens when you have your spiritual awakening.


  1.  You may think you’re crazy.
  2. You may think you’re making shit up in your head.
  3. You find your Soul’s purpose and your mission as a human.
  4. You get high on Spirit!!  It’s this feeling of connection, a feeling of coming home, a feeling of wholeness and peace.  It’s the most BLISSED out feeling EVA!!
  5. You see through the illusions of society.
  6. People, places, and jobs that no longer serve you fall away.  Sometimes it feels like Spirit took them away but life is happening for you not to you!
  7. You can’t and won’t tolerate being around low vibrations.
  8. You become aware of energy like a MOFO!
  9. You need more time alone.
  10. You end up with psychic and mediumship abilities.
  11. You speak to Angels, Spirit Guides and Past Loved Ones (and they talk back to you – see #1).
  12. You start creating your dream life and business based solely on making an impact to humanity and our planet through your Soul’s mission.  Many become healers, psychics, spiritual coaches and/or they create something that will help us shift like homeschooling programs (because let’s be real our kiddos are way too sensitive for that public school crap anymore), natural health practices, sustainable homes/farms, etc.

How does this post resonate with you?  Leave me your comments!

Do you feel a little lost or confused?  If so, reach out for a session and let me help you get crystal clear on your path!

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