I never even knew what a Spirit Guide was let alone the fact that I had one until 2011.  I had heard of Angels before but I thought those were only for the Catholic or Christian faiths.  I have to laugh at myself now, like the Angels would check their list to see what religion you were in before they’d lend a hand.

The truth is we all have Spirit Guides AND Angels and yes they are different from one another.  So what is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is someone who stayed behind the veil to assist you in this lifetime.  Yes, I said someone.  You and your guide have a very close connection and when you meet them – in this life –  you will feel a familiar feeling.  It’s almost like reconnecting with your best friend.

Where did this previous close connection come from?

We live many lifetimes and the same people usually play a role in each of these lifetimes, also known as our Soul Family.  But sometimes we decide to play a role in someone’s life by staying behind the scenes as a guide.  Yes, this means you have/are/will be someone’s Spirit Guide too!

This may sound super hokey to you now but that’s who your guide is.  An actual person.  A ghost.  A loved one from another lifetime.

You can have a loved one who passed during this lifetime help guide you, such as your granny you were close to, but those are more considered past loved ones and not necessarily a Spirit Guide.

Spirit Guides are able to communicate with your Higher Soul whereas we cannot.  Gotta love that we came here with a case of Galactic amnesia, right?  Because of this they know what our lesson is in this lifetime and can show us signs that lead the way.

When you connect with your guides it makes life easier because you can ask for their help with many things.

You can ask for a sign.  For example, you can say, “show me a yellow bird if this is the right choice or show me a black crow if it is not the right choice for me”.  One of my previous clients was really skeptical about this and put her guides to the test asking for multiple signs in one day.  She even asked to see a couple kissing on a street corner, and she DID!  I’m not sure our guides are down for games, but hers were!

You can ask them to help others.  For example if you see someone having a rough day you can ask your guides to cheer them up by sending them a butterfly or playing their favorite song or just to send them loving energy.

They are constantly protecting you!  Mediums have an extra guide called a gate keeper who sends away any spirits or entities that are not a good match or have ill intent.  You guides do this too.  They raise your vibration various ways including giving you healings during meditation and sleep.  They shield you with energy especially when you are sick.  One of my previous students thought she had lost her gifts but come to find out her guides blocked her from being open because she needed all the extra energy to heal herself.

These are all reasons why it’s a great idea to meet your spirit guides .  In fact, as part of the online intuition and mediumship development course, I have the students meet their spirit guides right away because your guides are the ones who help you develop your intuition.  They whisper to you.  They show you visions. They give you the goosebumps, also known to me as validation bumps.  If you don’t know them yet you can still talk to them.  They are there and you are never alone.

We can have multiple guides and some of them come and go as we get further along in our journey. However, you do have one main guide that was with you when you were born and will stay with you until you cross back over the veil.  Our guides guide us in different areas with their specialties.  Frank, one of my guides, is Japanese and he helps when I do Reiki sessions.  I have a guide to my left that helps with my Clairaudience, psychic hearing that I haven’t gotten their name yet.

Some guides don’t care if you know there name and some, like Frank, will correct you right away (I thought he said Hank but he quickly said, “no I said FRANK”).

You can meet your spirit guides by doing a guided meditation or simply asking for them during a time that you are quiet.  As part of my development courses I have a webinar on how to approach meeting your guides along with three different guided meditations that you can access here! Or if you would like to try it on your own you can listen to this guided meditation I made on my YouTube channel!



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