As we step into 2019, it’s time to set goals for our businesses.  With technology at a constant rise, for many businesses their website is the first place their clients find them and check them out.  For that reason your website is like a virtual welcome mat to your home.  You want your clients to “come on in and stay awhile”, get to know you and what you have to offer, and start kindling that relationship.  Does your website accomplish this or does it have your clients closing their browser before they get a chance to know you?

When it comes to creating or updating (hello, our work is never done) our websites, we need to ask ourselves if we have the KLT factor in mind and woven throughout the site.  K.L.T. is an anagram that every entrepreneur should know and use when it comes to turning people into raving fans who buy!  Before a person will ever become a paying customer they must, K.L.T., Know you, Love you and Trust you!

Let’s take some time to go over the must haves on the very first page on your site! Here are your home page must haves:

Your FACE!
The very first thing we should see when we get to your website is YOU!  You are the face of your brand and if people visit your website they want to know who is behind the product or service.  If they don’t see a picture of a person, there is no human connection that we all desire, and they will likely not stick around to learn anything else.

What you DO?
Your home page should have a clear statement about what your product or service does and who it is meant for.  This saves everyone time.  It makes it clear to your target client to keep poking around and it repels the people who are not meant to be there.  Remember, you have to have an extremely clear niche, especially if your brand is in the online space and not a brick and mortar.  Brick and mortars can be more broad because it is location oriented, but a purely online brand is speaking to billions of people and it needs to be very specific on who it is serving in order to stand out from the millions of other brands online.

Don’t forget to include your mission statement. I like to suggest having one sentence that speaks to your dream client.  For example: I help people awaken to their spiritual gifts and align to the frequency of their dream life and business.  Find your statement and then put that baby right on your home page.  Having this clarity also helps you when you sit down to create any content or offerings for your clients. Not to mention an affirmation and likely manifestation!


Anyone who comes to your site, sees your beautiful face, reads your mission statement on how you solve their specific problem and now has decided they kinda dig what they see will love you even more when you give them a free gift!  I call these “freemiums”.  You want to love all over your potential clients by giving them something that directly relates to their perceived problem.  This gift is like offering your guest a refreshment and asking them to stay awhile and it is the best way to start your relationship with them.  You can create a guided meditation, a free booklet with a few tips, a free recipe, self love tip, or even a free quiz that helps them pinpoint their problem, aka growth potential.

After they sign up for this free gift, it is a great online marketing technique to have an email campaign that keeps the relationship going by emailing them here and there and offering more freebies, ways to connect with you across social media, coupons for services, or even an email campaign that slowly leads them to a big purchase.  This way you are always reminding them that you are there when they are ready and if they accept your invitation to follow you on your social media venues then you start to become part of their daily lives.

FREE content!
Give it all away!  Some service based entrepreneurs recommend “giving 80% away for free and selling 20%” but through my own experience the amount of free valuable content you put out is a direct reflection of your revenue.  You could honestly give 100% of the information you have in your services away and make more money than if you held back information.  I’m not suggesting offering your services or courses for free, I’m saying sprinkle the content that is in your services and online courses everywhere! When someone is ready for real change they are going to want to pay you to guide them and when they see your free valuable content it is a direct reflection of what an expert you are in that area.

To recap.  Your clients get to KNOW you, LOVE you and TRUST you by seeing your face, obtaining free content on your website, receiving a free gift from you, following you on your social media, and getting updates from being on your email list.

This all happens when you make your homepage on your website like your home and you welcome your clients in by including these must haves available to them the minute they land!

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