So you’re ready to level up in your spiritual business!  You have your brand in place. You know who you are serving and what problem you are solving. You have a local presence and you post on a multitude of social media platforms. You even have quite the following that enjoys and grows from the value you provide freely in order to attract them.

But, you don’t seem to be growing. You feel like you are running in circles only to find yourself back to square one trying a different strategy or posting even more on social media wondering when your business is gonna pop. Why do you get stuck in these cycles?

Let’s face it. Most entrepreneurs are self made. Unless your parents are also entrepreneurs or you majored in business you likely had no example to follow, no vision leading you. Even if you did, the swift changes caused by technology and algorithms affect how businesses grow and can change on a daily basis.  As a matter of fact, Forbes Magazine predicts that 50% of the United States workforce will be self employed in some fashion by the year 2020!  That’s shocking and all the more reason to do the work now so you can stand out from the masses.

We develop what is called a “blueprint” of beliefs based on our upbringing and the habits and patterns of our parents when it comes to how much money we make, the level of success we have, and even our health, body image and how much love we allow ourselves to have!

When you do take action to break through this “blueprint” in any area of your life (or business) your ego comes into play and wants to stay inside the boundaries of familiarity and comfort. You see, even if it is something beneficial, your ego gets really uncomfortable in uncharted waters and it will stir up the pot of the Universe and dish out all kinds of obstacles to keep you “safe”.  Eventually you end up back where you started and sadly, give up, or start the cycle again.

Let’s break that blueprint together! Where attention goes, energy flows. What your mind focuses on, is what you will take action on.

Your mind likes to believe that what your life looks like now, is how it will look forever. Have you ever looked at your bank account and then had fear of spending a small amount?  It’s because your mind assumes the money you have now will never be replenished. It sounds silly but in that moment of making a decision to make a purchase or not, that’s the case.

When you do think about the future your mind connects the future outcomes with what has already happened in the past. It only takes three occurrences in the past to become a belief and when that happens that belief gets imprinted onto any future visions.

So how do you break the unconscious pattern? This is where trust in the space of the unknown comes into play.

Once you make a conscious decision that you are ready to bust through your blueprint and the old beliefs you must have unwavering faith and confidence in the Universe, and ultimately in yourself. What often stops us is that we can’t see the outcome or how to get there is overwhelming. This is where most people freeze up and return to there place of comfort, our blueprint. Instead, put fear aside and affirm to allow the Universe to lead the way, that’s when energy moves!  A true decision creates our destiny and we will not let any road blocks stop us.  When I make a decision I go one step further and make a verbal declaration to the Universe.  The more energy you put out the better the Universe understands you are serious about your decision.

The law of attraction uses your visualizations as a road map but it also closes the door to any resistance. Sometimes when we notice something is not there, such as money, or the level you want your business to be at, we unknowingly start vibrating with resistance. It sounds tricky but only you can paint the picture of what you want and the hard part is to do it without needing to know or knowing the how and then release it. Paint a picture in your mind and then release it! A floating thought has more power than a plan!

Give it to Universe!

Here’s where the magic starts to happen!  Now that you have visualized what you want, make a list with two columns. On one side it is going to be your to do list and on the other it will be the Universe’s to do list. Your list will have tangible actions, such as, creating an e-course, or updating your website. The Universe will have things on its list such as, bringing 20 people to sign up, making $7,000 this month, take all my worries, etc. You get the idea!  You have no control if 20 people will sign up or if you make $7,000. Your job is to have products or services available that will be the conduit for the people and the money to flow to you!

Implement these steps and they will help you create a vision that truly serves you, how to get around your ego blocks and how to use the power of the Universe to bring your business goals and desires into fruition!

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