Empaths are all known to be highly sensitive but there are actually different types of empaths and different levels of how deeply they feel.

While some of the types and levels of Empaths have been labeled, in my post I am sharing how I have come to know this through working with them during their spiritual awakening process.

The most common type of empath I have come across is known as an Emotional Empath.  I honestly feel that every empath can connect with this “symptom/gift/curse” that enables them (some would use the word force instead of enable) to feel the emotions of others without being told.  Most empaths do this unconsciously and actually take on the characteristics of that emotion as their own.  They go to the store feeling great and leave only to find themselves crying hysterically in the car or feeling angry for the remainder of the day.

Emotional empaths may even feel the emotions of people several feet away.  A perfect example of this is feeling the road rage of others while in traffic.  It can be extremely overwhelming to the person feeling these emotions.  One of my previous students was so empathic that she could tell how the car behind her felt about her bumper stickers.

What’s trending?

Mother Earth Empaths and Planetary Empaths pick up on energy based on what is currently going on collectively.  I like to compare it to “what’s trending” like you see at the top of your Twitter or Search Engines such as Yahoo or Google.

Mother Earth Empaths feel energy from Mother Earth and Mother Nature herself.  For example, they may wake up feeling very uneasy and have no idea why but on the other side of the planet there’s a volcano going off or there’s a major storm brewing that is or will be causing world changes.

Planetary Empaths (remember, I named these based on my experience) may feel the energy of upheaval when an act of violence has or is about to, occur.  They may not know why they feel an overwhelming sense of panic and grief but it could possibly be them picking up on the emotions and energy of the people affected by an act of violence or even a large accident like a plane crash, etc.

Animal Empaths, hello, this is SO ME, are extremely sensitive with animals.  I don’t like to hear about people getting hurt but tell me about an animal being less than happy and forget it, I can’t take it!!  Animal empaths, by the way, are great at animal communication and often are already doing it without being conscious about it.

Levels of Empaths

Each type of empath may also have a different level of empathy.  My mother, for example, is very brash on the outside but inside she is extremely emotional and will and does get caught crying at the silly goat videos on Facebook.  As a psychic medium myself, generally speaking, big burly men with tattoos who have a larger build are often this same type of empath.  The brashness and abrasive appearance are simply shields of protection.

Most empaths have what I call, an airbag, a larger front area.  They either have big boobs or a larger belly and this is also to shield any harsh energy from having a “head on collision” and softens the blow.  However, there are very petite Empaths and those people take the blow and tuck it away.  Spirit is talking to me, right now, as I type this, telling me the more petite Empaths likely have stomach issues.

Living as an Empath can be challenging.  This first part is recognizing when your energy or mood shifts and ask yourself if it belongs to you or someone or even somewhere else.  I have a beautiful online course filled with all the tools a sweet, soft, Empath needs to feel more empowered and be able to manage their energy!

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