My puppies were panting, the ground crunched under my shoes, and my mind was at peace during my morning nature walk.  My thoughts led me to an exercise I have my intuition and mediumship development students do with their chakras because when our chakras are closed we are not open to receive the blessings of the Universe.

This was all normal thoughts until Spirit decided to join my inner conversation!  Note: (I’ve been faithfully walking every weekday for over 3 weeks now and interestingly enough it appears as though so many synchronicities and blessings have been presented to me.)

Spirit said, “when we do our self work that’s when life gets better”.  My conversations with Spirit are mostly in my head.  They give me a whoosh of energy and it’s kind of like clairaudience, psychic hearing with a side of clairsentience, psychic feeling.  Anywho, I thought, “ok so I’m being rewarded for being extra diligent in taking these nature walks followed by meditation?” and they immediately said, “NO, you are more OPEN to receive the blessings of the Universe when you do your self work.  It has nothing to do with being rewarded because you are the one creating your life.  It has to do with your frequency Your chakra system is healthier when you do self work such as meditation, exercise like yoga, and of course many other acts of self love.  When your chakra system is open and flowing it’s like opening the flood gates to miracles and blessings.”

This brief convo with the invisible people came on the heels of a self love challenge that I put together in my Facebook community for my Soul Tribe Members and a book I’m reading on self love and money by Kate Northrup called, “Money, a love story”.  I am becoming completely aware the the key to being happy, healthy and abundant comes from how much we actually love ourselves and how often and what kinds of self love acts do we do.

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