Money, money, money.

How does the word money make you feel?  Do you have enough?  Are you charging enough as an entrepreneur?  Are your clients having the transformation that you intended when you offered your products or services?

In this solo episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast I touch on the real reason your clients may not be having a transformation, how you may be repelling your dream client and why you may not be seen as qualified in your industry, and guess what?  It all has to do with.  You guessed it, money!

My money story was a mind fuck, a hot mess, and I was broke as a joke for most of my life.  That is until I started working with Spirit, the Law of Attraction and my very own programming around this sensitive subject.  In my first book, Your Freaking Amazing Life, I talked a lot about people pleasing and self worth which had a lot to do with being broke, but I was still far from allowing myself to be abundant, or let’s just say it, rich for that matter.

In order to have the life you desire you need energy and money is often the energy that allows you to do so.  So rings true for your client’s transformation.  They need to feel great about what they are spending their money on and if they don’t they will find someone else to give it to.

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