Kaycie, AKA, the Chakra Lady is a mystic at heart and finds both peace and pleasure in exploring spirituality, alternative healing and, of course working with the Chakras.

She was drawn towards metaphysics, psychology and ontology since childhood and pursued these interests when she attended the University of Portland, OR.

She received a B.A. in philosophy and psychology and went on to serve for two years as an elementary special education teacher with Teach For America. She is a Reiki Master, certified Yoga Instructor, Tarot Professional and also has training in reflexology and mediumship.

She loves meeting other soul seekers also journeying towards self actualization. She believes that anyone can be our teachers if we are ready for the lesson.

On this episode of Craving Consciousness I had the honor of speaking with Kaycie who is clearly a modern day Philosopher.  We met about 6-months ago when we worked together to help birth “the Chakra Lady”as she was shifting her brand to include serving an international clientele as well as her local community in Effingham, IL.

Listen in as we talk about the work she does to empower individuals to uplift themselves and shift into a new paradigm. She has always been a teacher, a leader and a healer and how she utilizes her gifts to help people overcome obstacles in their lives so they can become more CONSCIOUS, CONFIDENT & CREATIVE.  We also talk about living a peaceful life despite the chaos around us and we delve into why she feels the Four Agreements is a tool to use in our daily lives,  and much more spiritual juju!

You can learn more about her services and connect with her on her site www.chakralady.com

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