Right about this time of year we start thinking about peace.  With all the holiday songs, the weather keeping us inside which makes us slow down a little, our families come together, and the fact that people are genuinely kinder to one another, we tend to feel more peace in the air.

On the flip side, sometimes we sacrifice our peace for what society’s expectations of us are.  I was one of those people.  You know, someone who hated their job, wasn’t happy with where I lived, and even someone who allowed others to mistreat them just to “keep the peace”.

What if we decided that our own peace was more important than living a life that we were told to?

Sounds scary to break away because it will cause turbulence, I know, but sometimes our inner voice, our Soul’s desire to find peace is stronger than the fear of what will happen if we change.

Before my spiritual awakening I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and I worked in commercial real estate as a marketing specialist for over 15 years.  About 13 years into that career is when I started to feel like this just wasn’t right.  I started to peek my head outside of the box I had created and wonder if that was what I wanted to continue to do.  When I found out that at the rate I was going that I would have to save money and not retire or be able to collect my social security until I was 73, yes seventy-three, that’s when I became pretty depressed.

In hindsight, depression, I now know, is letting us know we are not in alignment with our Soul’s desires.  Depression can be considered a blessing because when we become uncomfortable that’s when we make changes and those changes generally create more happiness.

And change I did!

Today, I live over 3,000 miles from Las Vegas in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  I left that job in Corporate America over seven years ago and now I live my life on my own terms.  I’m a spiritual business coach, intuitive medium, author and spiritual educator to those who are awakening.  I love my job, I have removed many toxic relationships from my life, and I have fallen in love with Mother Nature.

I am sharing my story because I know there are many people that are sacrificing their peace and I want to encourage them to take a look at their life they have created up until now.  You can live the life you really want.

How do you feel?

The first step is to be aware of your emotions.  Are you struggling with finding happiness?  Are you going through the motions of society so that you can “keep the peace” but deep down you feel like you would be happier doing, being or having something else?

Change your story.

I always tell my coaching clients to start journaling on a regular basis in order to be still and allow your true feelings and desires pour out into the physical realm.  One exercise I recommend is doing an “as-if” writing exercise. In this exercise you will write down how you want your life to be.  Did you know that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real or made up memories?  Yep!  That’s why when you do this exercise it’s important to use all your senses so that your mind goes along with it.  In the “as-if” writing write down how you feel, what do you smell, can you hear noises, etc.  You can write down what you are wearing, driving, eating, etc.  Your mind will move as if it is actually having this experience.

Make a declaration!

Remember, your word is your wand so once you are serious about what it is that you want then call on your spiritual team and declare that it is so!  All of the Universe will move energy on your behalf.

It’s ok to say no!

Once you decide to make changes you will have people around you who will not like the new you, and that’s ok.  It’s your journey, not theirs.  They may fall away and it may feel uncomfortable for a minute but once you are steering your ship towards your own peace you will feel lighter and new people that are also on their path to peace will find you.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to take your desires and turn them into a business that will serve others.  You are clearing the way for others who may be experiencing what you grew through.  As an entrepreneur and coach I see more and more people becoming coaches, (the second fastest growing industry right now), and helping others to a more peaceful life through sharing the solutions they’ve found along their way to peace!

May you find more peace in your life and radiate it out to the Universe.


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