Your word is your wand.  What are you telling the Universe when you speak (or think for that matter)?  Every word has power and when we use words that deflate our worth other people subconsciously and intuitively pick up on it. After time they will start to treat you with less respect all due to the words that you use or do not use.

The more conscious you become the more you will know that what you say is a direct request to the Universe no matter if it is “bad” or “good”.  This includes your relationships.

You see most relationships are based on an action and reaction and it all starts wit the words we use. For example an Empath seems to attract Narcissists, but the relationship could actually start out healthy and turn toxic due to how they act and react together.  An Empath will most always put themselves last based on the fact that they really want to help others but to their dismay that behavior allows the people to start taking advantage.  This is mostly done unconsciously but the end result is a toxic relationship with the Empath feeling deflated.

In this 3-minute video I will share one word that gets thrown around unconsciously and gives away your power.  How many times do you say it and not really mean it?  How many people do you know who say it?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



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