I heard a loud bang and immediately following my cleaning lady came running into my home office and her face was pure white like she had just seen a ghost.

I have a large mirror that hangs in the living room and it flew off.  When I say large, I mean it takes two people to mount it on the wall and in order for it to come off the hinges it would have had to be lifted and then tossed.

I’ll never forget the look on her face but I started laughing.  Honestly, I think whoever or whatever threw the mirror belonged to her and wanted to get her attention because I didn’t feel anything negative in nature.

On the flip side of my mirror story, my phone rings or I get an email or message at least once a week from people who are experiencing things that are out of the ordinary or paranormal in nature, that’s why today’s blog I’m sharing a few simple “tools” you can have on hand to keep your environment clear of unwanted energies!

Sea salt:  Sea salt is made from the earth.  Anything having to do with Mother Earth is protective.  If you have had a nightmare, or a lot of spirit activity, throw a 1/8 to a 1/4 cup of sea salt in your bath.  (Great for kids too).  What it does is clean off your third body, your astral body, and your energy field from any debris you may have picked up!  Lower level energies do not like salt!  In an extreme case I’ve also been known to tell people to sprinkle sea salt around their beds.  Sea salt can also be used AFTER you sage by sprinkling along the door way and window sills.  It helps prevent anything negative from coming back in.  You can buy sea salt at the grocery store!

Sage or smudge:  I work with Spirit on a regular basis so I tend to sage weekly but for the average Joe I’d say once a month or at the very least quarterly.  While this is definitely a spiritual protection measure, scientists are now saying that burning sage can improve the air quality in your home as well as improve your health.  You can buy sage sticks at your local spiritual shop or even on Amazon!  Here’s a great article on the actual science behind it all over.

Iron:  Remember back in the day people had horseshoes hanging over their doorways? Did you know that was used as a protection measure?  The nails in the horseshoes are made from iron and negative energies, once again, do not like anything related to earth.  In extreme cases I tell my clients to put a cast iron skillet under their bed, and many do!  Another thing to note is when our iron levels are low in our bodies we are actually more susceptible to picking up or being influenced by negative energies.

Sunlight:  The sunlight is actual Source energy!  Ever noticed how depressed you get in the winters?  Especially if you live somewhere like Seattle or Northern Michigan where I do, it can stay dark for days!  I can tell immediately from a photo during my readings if someone is depressed or if they have unwanted company because the photo is almost always dark.  It may seem coincidental but it’s not 😉  Make sure you open the curtains every day, even if there is a blizzard.  And if you do live in a dark environment, go out to the grocery store and hang out in the light, grab one of those light bulbs that produce UV light and by all means keep an eye on your mood!

UV Light:  Anyone with small children that have a fear of spirit activity, the boogy monster, etc. I always recommend giving them a small flash light that is UV light.  I remember my mentor I had she said UV light burns “their skin” (meaning the creeper’s skin).

Grounding: Being grounded is hands down one of the best and most important things to do to stay protected.  The best way I can describe being Un-grounded is that our Soul is not completely docked into our body.  It leaves us feeling spaced out, panic sets in, we can’t complete tasks, and we worry like crazy.  When we bring our energy back down to earth we then feel safe, we feel one with creation and we are present and can think clearer.  Best of all it takes the worry away.  You can watch my YouTube video on how to ground down here!

Protective crystals:  There are a multitude of protective crystals but the ones that I use and suggest to my clients are black tourmaline, amethyst, selenite, and quartz.

Black tourmaline is known to be one of the most protective crystals and was used in ancient times by shamans to protect them during their spiritual work.  It is known to help with protection, positivity, luck and happiness.  It transmutes negative into positive (including thoughts).  I have black tourmaline in the four corners of my bedroom, my office and the four main corners of my home to create a protection grid.  My husband often sleeps with black tourmaline and selenite in his pillow case as he is highly sensitive in his dream state.

  • Amethyst is also a powerful protective stone and it is known to aid against psychic attack.  Psychic attack can happen if someone is talking bad about you, has ill intentions towards you or is literally doing an energy attack on you.  Amethyst is a great stone to work with when you are opening your third eye.  You can place it on your forehead during meditation to stimulate your third eye.
  • Selenite is a cleansing stone and anything it touches becomes cleared.  It is the highest frequency out of all of the stones and any stone you carry it will will constantly be cleared.  Selenite is widely used for psychic surgery and energy work.
  • Quartz is an all around stone that I feel everyone should have.  Quartz is known as a generator.  It will increase the effects of any stone it is near.  Quartz is great to create crystal grids with!!

If you carry all four of these essential stones you will surely notice a difference in how you feel.  In my intuition and mediumship development courses, these are the crystals that I recommend having from the very beginning.

I could keep going but these are the basic tools I recommend having in any household.  You can find more details about any paranormal activity and protection measures, such as learning how to sage on my spiritual consulting page.

Love and light my Soul Friends!



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