As entrepreneurs we have goals to reach, numbers to crunch, deadlines to meet, and all things masculine in nature.

Sometimes, however, you may find yourself dreading that presentation you have to put together, cringing at all the cold calls you need to make or you have your head in your hands trying to figure out Facebook ads and that is a sign that you are pushing against the grain.  These things do need to get done but your first sign that you are not in alignment with Source energy is resistance to do them.

This is where inspired action needs to step in.

When you feel this resistance ask yourself, “what would I rather be doing right now?”.  Maybe you feel like you need to clean your office or desk.  Maybe you want to do tackle something off your to-do list that is more creative first.  And, maybe you want to fold the laundry.  It’s ok to take action on what inspires you because remember, the root of inspire is In Spirit!

A perfect example of inspired action is being drawn to clean the kitchen before you cook dinner or feeling called to open the curtains before you have coffee in the morning.  Notice how the first action makes the second action more pleasurable?  Spirit knows and that’s who is “suggesting” the detour from the task at hand, your authentic universe aligned self.

Feeling blocked?

Sometimes you may feel like you have a block and don’t know where to start.  For example, in my industry I make YouTube videos, write a blog, create content for my social media platforms, and today I am writing this article.  There are days that I feel stuck on how to put words to what I want to say or how I want to come across.

That’s when it’s time to take action and call in your spiritual team!

Your guides, Angels and loved ones are always guiding you but when we need help it is important to ask because of our free will they don’t necessarily intervene without an invitation.

I like to call on Archangel Gabriel because he helps with communication, but you don’t need to know exactly who to call on and you don’t need to do it in any formal way – although there’s nothing wrong with being more ritualistic – all you need to do is ask in your mind and the appropriate forces will arrive.

Be mindful of your why.

The actions that we take in all areas of our life are based on our beliefs and expectations.  Checking in with ourselves on a consistent basis about our intentions and what we are trying to achieve helps us keep our eye on the ball and not on the price!  We are spiritual beings and taking action based on lack, as in focusing on making money instead of the reason that inspired us to offer our product or service in the first place, only hinders us by sending the wrong signal to the Universe. We come from a place of lack instead of our ideal alignment with our purpose and desires.

I have a card in one of my Oracle decks that says “when you get nervous focus on service” and it is the perfect reminder that by giving selflessly, we naturally open up to the flow of receiving.  If you catch yourself taking action from a place of lack, quickly shift it to an action that focuses on who you are serving!

Walk away!

I remember once I was so focused on getting a new coaching client because I was feeling lack and I could tell my entire solar plexus chakra was closed.  We had a discovery call coming up that afternoon and something, or someone, told me to take a step back and go outside.  I went outside, connected to Mother Earth, breathed in deeply, and turned my focus on the gratitude I have for nature.  I came back into my center and knew that I would always have enough and that what I really wanted was to help this potential client get better results in her business.

The call went amazing.  She signed a contract and paid that very day.  I’m almost positive, had I not taken a step away and re-centered myself that she would have intuitively felt my vibe and decide to not work with me.

Taking a step back creates space and is also a great tool when things start to feel difficult.  If your printer runs out of ink, the dogs start barking like crazy and then the phone rings, all at the same time, that’s a sign – in my book – that Spirit is saying, “now is not the time for this task”.

It’s funny because it’s almost like going into a room to find something and forgetting what you went in there for in the first place.  Then you walk back into the room you were in and POP, you remember.  Divine timing is everywhere, even thoughts that seemingly disappear only to be found again in a moment.

The 10% Rule

Abraham Hicks says that if we spend 10% of our day focusing on self care that our businesses will thrive.  This ties back to focusing on our “why” but what better way that to take care of ourselves.  We’ve all heard the phrase, “you can’t give from an empty cup” and while as spiritual beings we want nothing more than to help everyone else first, it is essential to work on our self care to maintain the energy needed to care for others.

While I can certainly admit that I don’t do this every day, I try to do what I call a “power-hour” first thing in the morning BEFORE I touch my cell phone or do any work.  My power hour is 15 minutes of meditation and quiet time, followed by 15 minutes of journaling, 15 minutes of reading and 15 minutes of yoga or stretching.  When I am consistent in doing my power hour it reflects through all areas of my life and business.

Two phrases I share with my clients on a regular basis are, “as within so without”, and “how we do one thing is how we do everything”.  These both help us remember that working on ourselves has a direct reflection on our life, our business, and our world as we see it.

Follow these guidelines when you are working on your business and things will surely flow easier!





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