About 3 1/2 years ago Barbara and I met on Facebook and she took my intuition and mediumship development class.  Ever since then we have been great friends and soul sisters and I have had the opportunity to see her gifts and her life blossom. Now, Barbara is a well-known gifted psychic medium, and spiritual healer.

Barbara is a Reiki Master, she works with healing herbs, and she offers guidance through her various readings. And, as a matter of fact, Barbara is the person that I reach out to on a regular basis when I am in need of guidance, because it’s not always easy to give yourself  a reading.

I have been very blessed to see hundreds of people like Barbara go through the self-paced online course.  These students awaken all the aspects of their intuition and most of them their mediumship and go on to find more purpose in their life while they are in a position to help others.

Enjoy this interview that I had the opportunity to do with Barbara and hear all about her spiritual awakening process, where she is now, and what she has to offer!

And by all means if you are ready to go through a transformation and to find out why you came here this time then join us in the development class today!   You can expect to meet your spirit guides, your angels, learn how to see, hear, and feel with your intuitive muscles along with basic mediumship, animal communication, energy management for the empath and so very much more! This class is for those who are brand new to this subject,  those that want to further enhance their existing gifts, or even those that want to be in control and stop unwanted spiritual experiences.

Live interview with psychic medium and spiritual healer and coach Barbara Kneeland. Discover your innate gifts by signing up today!👉 https://www.brandaleen.com/intuition-and-mediumship-development/#spiritualawakening

Posted by Brandaleen Johnson on Tuesday, November 14, 2017


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