Did you know that YOU are my favorite?
And it’s not JUST because you’re a reflection of me…😂
You are my favorite because I know you’re doing the best you can in your human experience.

Spirit says, turn your focus from survival to SERVICE!

Hey man, I get it. The 3rd dimension has a power company that can flip your switch.
If you stopped worrying and started serving, as in, doing your Soul’s mission, then you will be in complete ALIGNMENT with Universal Intelligence and the cash starts to roll in all while you’re BLISSED the eff out from seeing the impact you’ve made!
It was one of the scariest jumps for me, to trust that I could focus on helping others awaken to their spiritual gifts and align with their dream life and business and STILL SURVIVE financially in the 3rd dimension.  The fear held me back until the pain got so great that I had no other choice than to either trust that I would be provided for or start living the lie of being in control.
Notice how I said “jump”, yeah, you know, you gotta jump and THEN the net will appear, not before!  The Universe is kinda a jokster like that.
Ask yourself, “what service am I providing humanity?”  Write down how proud you are about your service.  Write a list of people you have helped, even if it’s from a simple social media post.  And then do whatever it takes to let go of your fear of not being provided for.
If you keep believing that’s when the Universe starts providing!!!
Saddle up your Unicorn and let’s ride!
If this message gives you ALL the feels but you don’t have a clue what you’re mission is or how the hell to stop playing in the 3rd dimensional sand box HMU!!
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