After I moved across the country I started offering Reiki sessions professionally. I was actually attuned as a Reiki Master way back in the day.  Let’s say, 1998.  I kept my healing abilities in my back pocket for several years because I was immersed in the “logical” world of corporate America.
Interestingly enough, I started “imagining” things about my reiki clients that ended up being validated by them. 🤔
Could I be having “visions”?  Was this what they called “psychic seeing”?  Was I finally losing my shit?
SHO-Nuff that was the beginning of my spiritual awakening journey (or one part that stands out) of becoming a psychic medium and spiritual life and biz coach.
Now I LOVE to share about my journey with any body workers. Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, yoginis and even spiritual coaches because they all have a head start, so to say, at adding this gift into their practice and also to make a bigger impact in your client’s lives!  You are likely nodding your head as you read this because I’m pretty sure you have already experienced Spirit in your reiki or massage sessions.
Being a psychic medium doesn’t mean dark drapes in a dark room with a crystal ball anymore. It can. But it’s a tool that any lightworker can embrace and utilize in their craft!!
I always tell the clients who come to me for a reading that a reading paints a quick roadmap for what Spirit wants you to adjust, grow into, stop doing, etc. and that spiritual coaching is what helps them actually get there.
It’s also a great funnel to meet new people, grow your awareness, and increase your sales in other areas of your spiritual brand!
Come take a look at the AWAKEN COURSES.  There’s lots to choose from that are either “do it yourself” programs or my signature AWAKEN group intensive program!  If you want to add some sparkle to your already magical biz then you want to enroll or get on the waiting list!!!
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