My husband was in a low and depressed state for a few days.  He was even saging (smudging/cleansing) each night (which means he really could feel it)  He has been off from work for an injury for almost three months so I knew that not only his self esteem was a bit low but also his daily routine was completely changed.  He had been watching a ton of television – I could do completely without.
If you don’t know how to sage or smudge your environment, check out my how to video here on my YouTube Channel.
Then one day it was like the dark cloud was lifted.  He was cheerful, humming a tune and talking baby talk to the fur children.  I asked him what he had changed because even though he had been saging/smudging each night before that wasn’t working.
He told me, “I stopped watching the murder shows”.  He had been binge watching 48 Hours which is a crime detective reality show.  Meaning, he was watching real murderers and following real murder cases.
Here’s the dealio guys!  Energy is energy is energy is energy.
In my opinion anyone who decides to commit murder is already being influenced by Spirit(s) that are lower level.  At the very least, they are at a very low frequency.
If you watch haunted shows or murder shows you are 100% connected to the vibration of that show and the people (or spirits) that are in it!
There are a multitude of other methods of spiritual protection that you can find on a previous blog post I did here, but I have a new spiritual protection cocktail to share with you!
This recipe came from one of my awesome coaching clients when she said something about watching too many action movies.  She even shared this picture showing what it looks like when it collects the negative energy.
Without further delay, here is the recipe!
Get a clear (transparent) glass and pour sea salt in it – it should cover about 1/3 of the glass. Top the glass off with 1/3 water and 1/3 white vinegar, then put it in the room where you think the bad vibes are most powerful.
Put the glass in a hidden spot and leave it for a full day. Make sure no one moves it from the spot. After 24 hours, examine the glass – if it’s just like you left it, there are no negative energies in that room. You can try the trick in another room and see what happens.
If the glass has smudges or a lot of bubbles, and is clearly not like you left it, it is a result of energy problems. In this case, repeat the procedure again with a new glass, and repeat until it’s as clean as you left it.
It is important to know that you need to throw away the content from the glass in the toilet, and flush the toilet, which will clear all the negative energy absorbed in your house.
You can do the same the next day if you still feel bad vibes around you. Repeat the procedure until the water in the glass is the same as you left it.
This is what one looked like after a week.  This shows that there was nothing negative to cleanse.  What a big difference!
After you give it a try, share your findings with me here in the comments or share a picture in my private Facebook Community, Spiritual and Personal Development!
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