This month has been a monumental one in my spiritual business and I’m excited to share with you how I did it! A simple shift in your mindset about the road to success and you can join me in leveling up in business, and fast!

Entrepreneurs are on a mission. Often times seeing their journey to success as if it is on top of a mountain and they feel like they have so far to go to get there.  What if the solution was as simple as changing your mind about how difficult the climb was or how far away it is?

Success is a frame of mind. Not an amount of money, a number of followers, and not a place or time in the distant future.

I read a quote the other day that describes this so well.. “You don’t attract what you want.  You attract what you are.”

That’s right, Universal Intelligence (the law of attraction) only delivers to you the match of the frequency you are emitting.  That frequency comes from what you think you are, right now, not where you want to go or who you want to be.

Whatever you are seeking is because you think that when you obtain it that you will feel a certain way.  You may want more followers to feel important, more money to feel secure, more client success stories so you feel proud.  Take a moment to ask yourself, “What is it that I am truly seeking and how will I feel when I get there”?

Interestingly enough, many people are operating on a lack mindset because they feel like where they are in this moment, in their life or business, isn’t enough.  They don’t look at success as if it is already theirs, and instead, they focus on survival instead of service.

I remember taking a business class a few years ago and they asked us where we saw our business be in 5-years.  At the time I thought they were joking because I just wanted enough money to pay my bills that month, who has time to think about 5-years from now!

It was time to shift this perception.  How? Slow down.  Get grounded.  Get reconnected with your Soul.

Operating from a lack mindset means you have been disconnected from Source energy and lost your faith that you are being supported by the Universe.  I always remind my clients, that you are not the only one living your life, you have an entire spiritual team moving energy on your behalf and if you keep operating as if you are the only one then you are getting in your own way.

Look at the big picture!

What is on top of the summit that you seek?  Are you trying to just scrape by or do you have a vision of the impact you want to leave behind?  Once you get reconnected to your higher consciousness you can see  yourself as a Soul on a mission and not a human paying bills.

When you have a clear vision of what it is you REALLY want to achieve and using your spiritual business as a tool to do it, then you start taking action from a place of consciously directed power and not from survival mode.  You will find yourself feeling empowered and excited because of your passion and the impact that you want to make. This is a beautiful shift aligning with purpose that will move energy rapidly.

How does it feel?

Let’s go back to what feelings you are seeking through reaching certain goals.  You may want to use this as a journal exercise to really pinpoint it.  What will you feel like when you never have to worry about money?  What will your mornings look like?  Is there anything different in your daily routine you will do?  Now that you don’t ever have to worry again, what contributions to the world will you start making?

How will you feel when your clients find success through your programs or services?  What kind of ripple effect will occur?  How does it feel to be a proud momma or papa bear to your tribe? A leader.

Now that you have pinpointed the desired feelings you are seeking, what can you do today to feel that way now?  I recommend making a list of your desired feelings and then list some activities that you associate with those feelings so you can start to feel those feelings now.

Here are a few of mine:  Not worrying about money allowed me to have coffee on the deck with my husband in the mornings instead of thinking what I could do that day to create abundance.  I started turning off my cellphone and cooking dinner with my husband.

Giving gratitude for every single client, no matter how small, instead of wishing there was more completely shifted things for me.  Would you keep giving presents to someone who kept asking for more and ignored the ones you already sent?  Probably not, and neither does the Universe.  So be nice and give thanks.


This is a big one, folks!  The energy behind celebration fuels the fire of the Universe to send you more reasons to celebrate.

Be your biggest cheerleader and celebrate your achievements!  Take time off, go get a massage, buy yourself a new fancy handbag (if that’s your thing), or take your spouse out to a fancy lunch.  Whatever it is for you, promise me, you will do it!  Don’t stop there.  Make sure to also celebrate desires as if they are already coming to you.  Really celebrate.  Yell it out loud!  “Woohoo this is the most amazing launch of my business ever!” Feel it and be excited!  Celebrate ideas you have as if they have already been birthed.  Say, “this idea is already successful and it is already changing lives”!

Even if it means buying a bra because someone landed on my website and bought a $22 dollar program that I had just added!  That was validation to me that my idea was great and that many more $22 dollars were headed my way.  If you don’t celebrate, you don’t vibrate at the frequency for more!

What ways can you start celebrating today?  Not only will you feel amazing, but it will completely start to shift things in your life and your business!

Now go celebrate!

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