🌹 STOP 🌹

Right now, stop and look at your life for a second. Do you live where you want, love your job, and are you really YOU?

Or are you unconsciously trying to fit in, complain about your job, where you live, or who you live with?

We create and then nestle down into this reality we made and often never check back in with ourselves to see if we are truly happy.

This is a sign from the Universe to look 👀 outside of what you have created and decide if you want to change.

When I worked for corporate America and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, I hated my job, the traffic, the summer weather and I hated seeing how most of the people treated each other.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of nice people in big cities but it was becoming increasingly overwhelming to me. 

I had two mortgages, tons of credit cards and I was constantly trying to keep up with the “Joneses” and get all the things they had.

I never took the time to think about making changes, but instead complained about every aspect of it.  It’s almost like I was angry and nothing but expected things to change on their own.

It’s not until I decided to make changes that I saw how unconscious I was in all areas of my life.

Now I live in beautiful Northern Michigan, I work for myself as an author, spiritual coach, law of attraction junkie, and educator, and through those avenues I help others change their lives for the better.  Even still, I have to make myself consciously look at what I have created up until now and decide if it needs tweaked.  We can be extremely happy with all of the above only to find that it changes over time.  As we evolve so should our surroundings and beliefs.

Is it’s time to break your own rules and do something completely different. 🤔

What do you want to change up a bit?


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