Today I received a message from one of you Soul Tribe members asking me how she can raise her vibration.  What a fantastic question with more than a one word response.  That’s why today I snagged an excerpt from my book, Your Freaking Amazing Gifts to share with you!

When developing your intuition, it is important and beneficial to raise your vibration.  I love that my book was being drafted at the same time I was working with a client and friend who is writing her very own book that is specifically on the subject of raising your vibration.  Here is a quote from her book, Spirit Crack to start off this chapter.

“Reasons why you should raise your vibration:
  • The Universe and our planet are made up of ENERGY! Everything we see is ENERGY! You are made of ENERGY, so are the birds in sky, the plants and even places. VIBRATIONS ARE THE MEASUREMENT OF ENERGY. We all have different energy levels depending on our emotions, humor, states of health, etc. Depending on how high your VIBRATION is, the easier it is to manifest whatever it is that you desire! This energy circulates through our 7 chakra centers. Being aware of your vibes at every moment is the key to a much happier life and obtaining everything you desire.
  • Raise your vibration, and the earth and your reality will positively change with you.
  • Overcome negative thoughts.
  • Heal your body. Come into immaculate health.
  • Decrease anxiety and depression.
  • Strengthen your mental skills.
  • DESIGN YOURSELF! Yup, you can design every inch of your life. Inside and out.
  • NOBODY is going to save you. Learn to save yourself!” – Sky Wonders
In my development courses, I like to explain it to my students like this.  You probably have a television in your house and that television is open to receive information.  Some people have high-speed cable; some have satellite, and some only use a simple antenna.  Still, some others purchase televisions that have the capability to have a super clear picture such as high definition, etc.  The point I am making is your connection to source energy is affected by how high or low your vibration is and how clean or toxic your body is.  Both your body, physical and ethereal, and your vibrations are tools that spirit uses to transfer the information from.  So having a low vibration and a toxic body (which go hand in hand) is like having an old black and white T.V. with tiny rabbit ears (that’s an old school antenna for you young peeps).
So how can you raise your vibration?  Raising your vibration can be done in each aspect of your life by working with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual practices. Here are some examples.   
  • Singing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Drinking pure water
  • Detoxing from heavy metals and toxins.
  • Being in sunshine
  • Grounding
  • Being outside in nature
  • Balancing and cleansing your chakras
  • Energy work such as reiki, massage or the like
  • Submerging yourself in salt water
  • Changing to a vegetarian or raw vegan diet
  • Staying positive
  • Essential oils
  • And so much more.  
Even your spiritual team members, your guides, angels and loved ones, are on the other side helping with this because they know the higher your vibration, the easier it is for you to receive their messages and the clearer they will be.
To read the complete chapter and learn more about raising your vibration, check out my book, Your Freaking Amazing Gifts!


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