There’s many people who say “everything is energy” but have you really wrapped your head around what that actually means, how you are affected, and what your own energy field does for you?

Spirit (my spirit guides) gave me this message today and it really got my Clairsentience a flip flopping.  My gut feeling, clairsentience, goes to extreme measures and the simple feeling translates to seemingly endless information.

As silly as my stick figures are and how I brought my humor into this video, I believe this message is of high importance.  In order for you to consciously create your best life you must first understand how energy works.

This video breaks down why you feel a certain way at any given time or place and that these feelings are NOT able to be labeled by the medical community because they are energetic symptoms to your environment.

I touch on quantum physics, psychic abilities, and the law of attraction and how they are ALL interconnected via frequency.

After watching this video you will be more aware of how you feel, what you are emitting, and your natural abilities as an energetic being.  Image what your life can be like if you start taking conscious action from an energy stand point!  I highly recommend opening up to this concept more to help yourself come into alignment with your dream life and business but also to help us shift into a higher consciousness as a species!  The energy shift isn’t waiting on you.  It will keep shifting and you will keep having more experiences so embrace them now and see how magical life gets!

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Spirit said this is SUPER IMPORTANT. I even drew you examples!!

Posted by Brandaleen Johnson on Monday, August 6, 2018

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