How I use the power of intention in receiving information for my clients from spirit and for setting goals ~ Brandaleen

The Power of intention

Intention is the starting point for EVERYTHING from getting out of bed to finding a parking spot to setting life time goals.  The thing is, most of us fly by the seat of our pants and don’t realize that taking the time to set an intention will increase the value of our daily lives.

Setting an intention can be as simple as making a statement “I will find a parking spot in the front row”, to taking time to meditate on a goal and setting them.

After you set the intention, it is important to allow the Universe to do it’s job in delivering what you have intended.

Think about intention as a rocket booster behind a thought.  Don’t you want all your thoughts to have the power they deserve?

Steps to Setting an Intention Include: 

  • Figure out what it is you really want.  Be very clear and specific as the Universe is literal
  • Meditate and get into the zone and allow your conscious mind to get out of the way
  • Make the statement to the Universe about what you intend and journal about it.
  • Let go of the intention enough to allow the Universe to do it’s job
  • Be open and in the moment to see the signs
  • Give gratitude to the Universe

Intention and Intuition Development

When developing your intuition you will find that intention is KEY.

From setting an intention to:
What do you want to develop?
When do you expect to have results? – Timeline
What do you want to achieve for this  moment, this day, this week, this year, or your life purpose?

Setting a Target to Focus On.

Intuition target:  Whatever your target is, can be easily done by setting an intention;

  • Speaking to a past loved one,
  • Doing a health scan,
  • Asking about future,
  • What is behind a door,
  • Is this safe or dangerous,
  • Or as simple finding a good parking spot,

For Example:
“I want to find the best parking spot” = Intention.  Then be still, just for that moment and see what comes.  Trust it to follow through.

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