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Craving Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by: Brandaleen Johnson

The Craving Consciousness Podcast, Hosted by Brandaleen Johnson, discovers and explores all manner of spirituality, entrepreneurship, and freedom lifestyle. Get all the inside secrets and tools to help you awaken...


CCPE61 Wellness Mindset Coach, Kirsten Rene

Season #1 Episode #61

by Brandaleen Johnson | Oct 15, 2019 | When you’re doing the self work, it’s important to have discipline but after having Kirsten Rene on the podcast I must give her major kudos for all of the boundaries she created...
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CCPE60 Explaining Death to Children

Season #1 Episode #60

Death is hard enough for us adults to wrap our heads around and embrace, but when we have to explain it to our children it can become more complicated. I wanted to share some perspectives with you all around...
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CCPE 59 – Medical Freedom with Jessica Fitch

Season #1 Episode #59

The spiritual journey of an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (Vaccine Safety Advocate/ Ex-vaxxer). A Manifesto for medical freedom. Jessica is 34 year old Mother of 4 boys sharing the journey to enlightenment from her perspective. She...
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CCPE 58 – Understanding Animal Totems

Season #1 Episode #58

The universe is always sending us signs.  We see repeating numbers, pennies from heaven, feathers at our feet and and even animals come with messages for us. In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast...
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CCPE 57 – Why Anxiety and Depression are the Number One Symptoms of Having a Spiritual Awakening

Season #1 Episode #57

I explain why anxiety is the number 1 symptom of having a spiritual awakening and why. Listen in and learn how to start recognizing and managing your energy. You may even be a medium and I share examples of that as...
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CCPE 56 – Fairy Realm; Gnomes and House Brownies

Season #1 Episode #56

You may not be crazy and you may not be making it up when it comes to seeing fairies and or gnomes. In this episode Brandaleen shares her personal experience in meeting her gnome Thomas and how she came to realize she...
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CCPE55 – The World of Essential Oils with Lydia Hill

Season #1 Episode #55

If you are new to the world of essential oils or would like to know more about how they affect your life and the life of the planet we live on and you will love this episode of the Craving Consciousness podcast. Lydia...
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CCPE54 – How is Abundance Coming For You, with Brandaleen Johnson

Season #1 Episode #54

Brandaleen shares one of her recent takeaways from the Abraham Hicks Publications Long Beach California. In this episode of the craving consciousness Podcast, Brandaleen shares how abundance can flow to us and how we...
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CCPE53 – Buddhism, Energy Portals and Art with Deborah Ebbers

Season #1 Episode #53

Deborah is a beautiful woman whom I call “magic lady” because when I first met her my clairsentience went off the chain. I could feel the magic energy just oozing from her field. Since that day we have been fast...
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CCPE52 How astrology helps you with Astrologer Dianne Lawson

Season #1 Episode #52

A professional astrologer since 1973, Dianne has presented hundreds of classes, workshops and lectures in person to groups, clubs, organizations, government agencies and churches. She has also been on numerous radio...
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CCPE 51 Raschell Harlingten – Discovering Your Blueprint

Season #1 Episode #51

On this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, we have guest Raschell Harlington, transformational coach and author. She helps people transform different  areas of their lives. Raschell explains on this episode...
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CCPE50 Defining Your Niche in the Online Space

Season #1 Episode #50

With the multitude of online entrepreneurs using social media as their gateway to attract their target clients it can seem like a screaming match in the online space. In this episode of the Craving Consciousness...
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