CCPE50 Defining Your Niche in the Online Space

Season #1 Episode #50

With the multitude of online entrepreneurs using social media as their gateway to attract their target clients it can seem like a screaming match in the online space.

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast I talk about the importance of defining your niche so that your target client can clearly recognize you as the person who has their solution.  Heart centered people in general want to be able to help anyone and everyone and it is often very difficult for them to hone in on ONE specific niche.  I promise that you will make much more of an impact when you can create your messaging around one solution.

It doesn’t mean that you have ONE problem, although that is helpful too.  For example you can say that the problems of life purpose, mental health, social anxiety and healthy relationships can all be resolved by diving into your spiritual awakening.  Spiritual awakening is ONE solution to many problems.  However, if you also want to help people with the law of attraction and/or be a relationship coach and that is your focus then your messaging becomes too broad and your target clients get confused on what you are really offering them.

Listen in to this episode and define your niche so that you can create the impact you came here to do and reap the rewards of having much more traction.

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