CCPE 51 Raschell Harlingten – Discovering Your Blueprint

Season #1 Episode #51

On this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, we have guest Raschell Harlington, transformational coach and author. She helps people transform different  areas of their lives. Raschell explains on this episode that she helps people start to become aware of not only their self talk, but also their programming they received through societal norms and parental programming. She helps them understand that they do not need to fit into a box or fit in with a masses and that it’s important that we realize we only have this one life that we’re conscious of. We have the power to make it the most incredible experience, however, we need to break down five different sections of our prosperity blueprint in order to see where we may be being held back. Listen into this podcast episode and share in the comments what your great takeaways were and go ahead and connect with Raschell on her website, and look out for her book on Amazon, The Prosperity Blueprint.

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