CCPE 59 – Medical Freedom with Jessica Fitch

Season #1 Episode #59

The spiritual journey of an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (Vaccine Safety Advocate/ Ex-vaxxer). A Manifesto for medical freedom.

Jessica is 34 year old Mother of 4 boys sharing the journey to enlightenment from her perspective. She shares a powerful testimony to which we can all relate as rebels against society. A modern day ‘Mom issues’ advocate. She shares the decisions and life-changing journey that lead her to real health freedom and the largest fight against political corruption the United States has faced in decades. A spiritual journey. Each human has the incredible ability to heal and manifest through the divine, yet we are sicker than ever before.The trauma that leads to the lessons. The stories that lead to the healing. The lifting veil exposing the darkness.The light that leads our way through.

Come, have this talk with us. “American’s are ready to have an open discussion on vaccines” – Robert F. Kennedy jr. Find her on FB. Add her as a friend; LIKE the new FB fan page at [Mom’s March for Medical Freedom] and follow the medical freedom movement and her efforts to share this important message.Join the Fb group, [Mom’s March For Medical Freedom] for a more personalized experience supporting medical freedom awareness and the society constructs that make us who we are. A story told from her experience and the experiences of other activists and neighbors as she gets them involved along the way. She’ll be adding photos to Instagram!

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