CCPE61 Wellness Mindset Coach, Kirsten Rene

Season #1 Episode #61

by Brandaleen Johnson | Oct 15, 2019 |

When you’re doing the self work, it’s important to have discipline but after having Kirsten Rene on the podcast I must give her major kudos for all of the boundaries she created in order to dive into her self discovery.

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My name is Kirsten Caywood and my background is in nursing, personal training and health coaching. My passion is helping others to feel good in their own skin. I do this using a holistic approach while teaching my clients how to practice self love, self care and self advocacy.

Many people think that optimal health is about diet and exercise. They’re not WRONG, but I would argue that the diet and exercise parts come AFTER a few other things. While it is important to care for you body through proper nutrition and moving your body, I find it even more important to overcome anything and everything standing in the way of your ability to be consistent.

Many people approach their overall health and wellness plan by restricting things (sometimes entire food groups) and overtraining the body. I do not agree with this approach. I believe health begins in the home. So, I explore things such as clutter, career, schedule, family dynamics, lifestyle, socialization, spirituality and religion and other things that make up the WHOLE person. I am here to help the person make permanent and sustainable changes while living in such a way that breathes life back into the way the client lives. I am not here to be a quick fix to someone’s life. I am here to reach a person who may be lacking self love and have lost faith in themselves. Being an empath, I’ve always had an easy “go” at building rapport with and truly understanding my clients. I am able to use my ability to just know things about a person in my training. Sometimes you must “read between the lines” with people and that is where I excel.

My journey is still evolving and I am excited to see where I am 5 years from now! But one thing that will NEVER change is my passion for helping others. I am a healer. I have overcome so much personal strife and my goal is to make sure every single person I help KNOWS there is someone out there that loves and believes in them

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