CCPE63 The Next Wave, With Sydney Alexandria

Season #1 Episode #64

Brandaleen talks to this amazing young lady about Spirituality and how important it is to follow your life purpose! Here’s what she has to say about herself:

Hi, I’m Sydney. I’m a South Eastern Michigan girl that dreams of traveling the world to awaken humanity! When I realized I was communicating with spirits in eight grade, I had to learn more!

Fast forward to five years later, I’m out of school. I graduated a little bit early actually and I’m actively spreading the word! Earth is going through a massive transformation and learning about what you’re interested in is more important than ever for your souls development!

Feel free to check out my youtube channel. I post an educational, spiritual, video to every Wednesday!

There’s a link in all my youtube videos to my patreon, where you can donate money in exchange for some super cool benefits like extra info, skype readings, tarot cards, crystals, etc.

Email: [email protected]

Facebook Page: @sydalexandriaonyoutube

Facebook Group: “Enter Evolution”

Instagram: @sydalexandria

Twitter: @alexandria_syd

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