CCPEP11 Challenges with relationships when you have a spiritual awakening

Episode #11

If you are going through your spiritual awakening and there are people in your life who are struggling to accept your new crazy self then this podcast episode is for you.

You guys will love listening in to hear all the challenges my husband, Phillip Johnson and I had when I was going through my awakening and where we are at now after four years of me being, “bat shit crazy” as he calls it.  He was really contemplating if I had developed a mental illness and wondered if our marriage would last if I kept opening up to more.

Something that I find interesting is Phillip is known as an Empath, a highly sensitive person, and this is actually someone who incarnated to anchor down the light and share love.  Empaths are incarnated Angels in my book so for him to struggle accepting my gift was a little baffling to me.

Phillip shares what it has been like to grow up and live as a highly sensitive person, how he was “gifted” before me and why he FINALLY started believing me and decided to give the spiritual awakening a try.

We invite you to listen in to our very casual conversation (he totally interrupts me a few times……but since this is his debut and he was very vulnerable we shall forgive him).  Let us know what nuggets you take away and if you want us to go deeper in this hot topic as we all awaken!

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