CCPE089 The Desire Factor, with Christy Whitman

Episode #89

This is New York Times #1 Bestselling author and highly sought-after life coach CHRISTY WHITMAN (Quantum Success, The Art of Having It AllTaming Your Alpha Bitch).

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, Christy and I talk about how  listeners can mold their outermost desires for things such as wealth, power, or fame into the building blocks for a deeper, more intrinsically valuable sense of self and purpose.

Christy helps us understand how to tie the steps together into an easy-to-follow protocol – including a deep dive into the 7 Universal Principles needed to harness you wildest desires. Each principle builds upon the last one, and together, they provide a clear path—not just toward the manifestation of the physical, but toward the personal evolution everybody’s desires are waiting for them to embrace.

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