CCPE090 Shamanism, with Amy Dolley

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, I get the incredible pleasure of speaking with the amazing Amy Dolley, with so many tools in her spiritual tool belt, she doesn't have any one title for all she does for humans and healing. Amy is a wonderful woman and someone I get to privilege of calling my friend. But today, we got the opportunity to geek out over Shamanism, and Amy really opened my eyes to some amazing information. She is so knowledgeable and I know you'll love this episode. I am so excited to share this episode with you. Let me know what you thought, and share with your spiritual friends!

Amy Dolley is a born psychic medium and healer. She has been using these gifts since her first memories as a child, but was steered away from them by parental and societal pressures to be “normal.” Amy spent her whole life being fascinated by all things spiritual and paranormal. And her gifts came crashing back into her reality when she awoke from an emergency surgery in a hospital with a circle of spirits standing around her, all talking at once! That moment helped Amy realize that she needed to get a handle on her gifts and what she was meant to do with them!

Amy now does the work of a Shaman, Psychic Medium, Witch, and Spiritual Coach. Hearts Afire Healing began in 2017 as Amy was journeying through her Shaman studies, and she began helping clients even as she worked full time. She left her most recent “muggle” job as an Elementary School Teacher in 2019 to run her spiritual business full-time. Amy continues to run her business as her full-time job, and has found a new love by teaching what she has learned along her spiritual journey to Empaths, future Mediums, and future Healers.

Amy has been married to her twin flame, Virgil, since 1999. They live in Marion, Iowa with their spoiled rotten pit bull, Bud. Amy’s other passions include scrapbooking and all card making, reading, playing with her dog, and hanging out with friends.

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