CCPE091 Following The Thread of the Divine with Mark and Jennifer Ludeman

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, I get the incredible pleasure of speaking with the amazing Mark and Jennifer Ludeman of Oasis In Nature Healing Center and Farm.

They live on a 40 acre farm/retreat center. Their focus is on healing people in a serene setting.

Jennifer is currently writing a book called Farm Stories, about her experiences and learnings with their animals; the challenges, joys, laughter and wisdom they have gifted her with.

In 1972, Mark and Jennifer met in a group Christian house and were married a year later.  They eventually had 4 children and have traveled the world together. India, Bhutan, Peru, and Bali to name a few.

From Jennifer:
Our spiritual connection has always been the thread that guides us and connects us to our Source.....This is the heart-felt center of our healing work with those who come to our Center---- This devotion to our Source is the cornerstone of my life and the inner healing work that we do...I practice connection to my Source every day to continue to grow and evolve.

We love exploring consciousness and all the many faces of God. This traveling opened me up to many soul experiences--including embracing the belief in reincarnation--experiencing being a spirit that lives in this body......and learning hypnosis to deepen my understanding of myself and our human experience.

I love people, welcoming them into my home, cooking for them my creations of gluten-free, sugar-free healthy recipes, listening to their life stories and taking them on hypnotic journeys. Exploring where their Subconscious wants to take them and why. The deep soul learnings from the vast internal library that is within each one of us...

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