CCPE094 Trauma Brain, with Brandaleen Johnson

Back in September, 2021, Brandaleen's husband passed away. In the months that followed, Brandaleen knew that she could not continue in her business, as trauma brain had taken affect. As a strong, woke spiritual business woman, Brandaleen knew that anything she did within her business, while going through the loss of her husband, would be detrimental for everything she's already worked so hard for.

Brandaleen did what many entrepreneurs do not do. She took time off. She dove deep into her psyche and took the time she needed to observe her emotions and behaviors. She took the time to sit with her grief and begin to find who she is now that she is newly single and living alone. Getting to know who she is in this new scenario, and learn healthy ways to move forward, without her trauma leading the way.

Now, over 5 months since the passing of her beloved husband of 22 years, she has decided to come out and be totally transparent with her following. In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, Brandaleen goes into trauma brain and how it can affect the individual, as well as their business. Join her in this discovery of traumatic human experience and growth.

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