Craving Consciousness Podcast

Craving Consciousness Podcast

Hosted by: Brandaleen Johnson

The Craving Consciousness Podcast, Hosted by Brandaleen Johnson, discovers and explores all manner of spirituality, entrepreneurship, and freedom lifestyle. Get all the inside secrets and tools to help you awaken...


CCPE094 Trauma Brain, with Brandaleen Johnson

Back in September, 2021, Brandaleen's husband passed away. In the months that followed, Brandaleen knew that she could not continue in her business, as trauma brain had taken affect. As a strong, woke spiritual...
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CCPE093 Cross Pollination of Spirituality, with Truthseekah, AKA Derek Grosskurth

TruthSeekah is a Christian mystic, Amazon best selling author, visionary artist and seer with a vision to release the Spirit of Awakening. Also a songwriter, TruthSeekah has released over 200 songs, each one relating...
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CCPE092 Decolonization with Gilgamesh (Michael Phelps)

Gilgamesh is a self proclaimed Gaian, Minimalist, Philosopher, Lover, Communitarian, Visionary, Mind Alchemist, and New Earth Cocreator. He is a fantastically interesting man who shares his experiences with Western...
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CCPE091 Following The Thread of the Divine with Mark and Jennifer Ludeman

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, I get the incredible pleasure of speaking with the amazing Mark and Jennifer Ludeman of Oasis In Nature Healing Center and Farm. They live on a 40 acre...
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CCPE090 Shamanism, with Amy Dolley

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, I get the incredible pleasure of speaking with the amazing Amy Dolley, with so many tools in her spiritual tool belt, she doesn't have any one title for all she...
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CCPE089 The Desire Factor, with Christy Whitman

Episode #89

This is New York Times #1 Bestselling author and highly sought-after life coach CHRISTY WHITMAN (Quantum Success, The Art of Having It All, Taming Your Alpha Bitch). In this episode of the Craving Consciousness...
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CCPE088 The Left Hand Side with Melissa Rippe

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, Melissa Rippe and I go into The Left Hand Side. Melissa seeks to help awaken witches and dispel some of the stigmas associated! From Melissa: I grew up in...
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CCPE087 Astrology update with Dianne Lawson

Episode #87

We have had the pleasure of having Dianne Lawson on the Craving Consciousness Podcast before and we're excited to have her on again! In this episode, Dianne goes into how 2020 affected us and that, although it was a...
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CCPE086 Cryptocurrency And Our Future, with Kimberly Ekum

Episode #86

In this episode of the Craving Consciousness Podcast, the amazing Kimberly Ekum and I go into Cryptocurrency and the benefits of Freedom Living in our future. From Kim: I am a freedom loving, truth seeking, spiritual...
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CCPEP11 Challenges with relationships when you have a spiritual awakening

Episode #11

If you are going through your spiritual awakening and there are people in your life who are struggling to accept your new crazy self then this podcast episode is for you. You guys will love listening in to hear all...
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CCPE63 The Next Wave, With Sydney Alexandria

Season #1 Episode #64

Brandaleen talks to this amazing young lady about Spirituality and how important it is to follow your life purpose! Here’s what she has to say about herself: Hi, I’m Sydney. I’m a South Eastern Michigan girl that...
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CCPE62 How Long After Death Do You Wait For a Mediumship Reading?

Season #1 Episode #62

Brandaleen takes the big questions of “how long should I wait to get a mediumship reading after the death of my loved one?” AND on the flip side for you mediums, “how long after death should I wait before connecting...
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