When we talk about having a successful business the last thing that most entrepreneurs think about having in place is a meditation practice.

I’m here to tell you that having a regular meditation practice is actually where success starts.

Did you know we have 50-70 thousand thoughts per day?  That statistic is shocking in itself but what is even more difficult for people to grasp is that those 50-70 thousand thoughts don’t even belong to us.

When I share this fact with my clients it leaves their minds reeling.  They can’t believe that the very things they associate as themselves, their thoughts, aren’t even made by them.

Our thoughts are random synapsis that are based on our programming and previous experiences.  Once you’ve made up your mind about something it becomes a knee jerk response instead of a conscious reaction.

How can we prove that our thoughts aren’t even our own thoughts?  First, let me ask you, “can you tell me what you will be thinking about in 1 minute from now?  How about five minutes from now?  Do you know what you will think about in the future?

Not only are our responses mostly automatic and without conscious thought, our brain cells are interconnected and therefore one simple trigger can send your computer of a mind down a long path of mind chatter.  I like to give this example and have my clients do an exercise to watch their thoughts run away with an automated story.

Let’s try this together:  Close your eyes and think about your first kiss.  What do you remember?  What emotions are coming up for you?

Now that I’ve given you a trigger your mind is for sure running with a story.  That story may even bring itself into this now moment.  For example:  If you were self conscious of your body image the day you had a first kiss your now mind may start to judge where your beliefs about your body is now.  Heck, your mind may be changing tonight’s dinner menu all because I used the words “first kiss”.

Now that we’ve witnessed what I call, the movement of our minds, we can agree that it (our mind) has a mind of its own!

What does any of this have to do with having a business or meditation?

Our 50-70 thousand thoughts per day are what has created our lives up until now.  When we bring in the Universal Law of Attraction we learn that thoughts become beliefs and we only take action on what we really believe.  Thoughts can make us or break us in life and business.

In order to change what we see outside ourselves now and to grow as an individual we must first start with our thoughts and beliefs and change them.  How do we change that many thoughts?  By first recognizing them for what they are up to.

I believe that meditation is the tool for us, not to control our thoughts, but to stop them from controlling us!  When we sit down to meditate most of us have a party in our heads, and that’s completely normal.  You see, all these thoughts that bubble up are actually stress burning off your nervous system.  The more you practice meditation the less thought chatter you may experience.  I recommend 15 minutes five days a week to start with.  I like to have a silent meditation because that’s when I can really see what my thoughts are doing.  Your mind will want to be doing something so put it in charge of counting your breaths.  Say, “I’m breathing in once, I’m breathing out once, I’m breathing in twice, etc.  Your mind will most likely interrupt you and try to run away with thoughts.  That’s ok.  Don’t judge your experience. If you find the silent meditation to be too difficult then try an open eyes technique.  The less sensory you take away the more your mind still feels like it is in control.  Have an object to keep your focus on and when the thoughts bubble up, because they will, then return to your object of focus.

It’s only after you practice meditation that you can start to question your own thoughts.  Ask yourself, “does this thought serve me?  Do I believe this to be true or is it a learned belief that needs to be changed?”

When we are in business and we have goals and aspirations for where we want our business to end up or who we want to serve it is crucial to know what your underlying thoughts about success are and in order to do that we have to slow down enough to witness them.

Meditation is a beautiful tool for spiritual and personal growth which leads to growth in all areas of our lives.  Something that is great to enhance the meditation experience and to bust through limiting beliefs or automated beliefs from past experiences is to journal afterwards when your mind is still in receiving mode.

You can have a daily practice at a specific time but it is also a great idea to “tap in” to consciousness whenever you want to make the best decision.  I meditate before each coaching client call, before writing a blog post, when I need to know which project to work on first, etc.

Try adding a meditation practice for 30-days and notice how much more peace you find in your life, how much more clarity you have and even notice how you start to change old beliefs into new opportunities!



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