I love connecting to people who are awakening to the fact that Spirit wants to work with you!

I wish I could be there to see the look on their faces when they hear a voice talking to them and no one is there and the voice actually gave on point advice!

We are awakening and it won’t stop. It will keep getting stronger.

It is so SURREAL to come to the awareness that an invisible team is showing you visions, throwing waves of information inside energy that makes your body light up, literally calling your name, knocking on your closet door, and so much more.

Many try to avoid it but those who embrace and develop it, their lives and those around them are about to become magical!

This all came about from a phone conversation with one of my coaching clients.  She signed up with me to help her establish her brand, explore what she wants to help the world with and to build it into a monetized business.  A few weeks into our sessions she said she was hearing voices.  I could tell she was super nervous to make this confession but instead of thinking she was bat shit crazy like many would, I jumped for joy and squealed in delight!

To have the opportunity to not only educate her about Spirit and how Spirit works but to think that Spirit brought her to me and visa versa is the bomb dot com and super humbling!

Her experience is the voices repeat to her “write, write, write”.  When she finally decided to play along she started writing and what came out is nothing less than amazing.  Tons and tons of quotes based on what I feel is the law of attraction in regards to healing your body.  So many statements that make you take a look at your current beliefs, perspectives and eventually leading you to change your mindset so that you can attract the optimal health into your life.

On our call today we took a look into her past and were both amazed at how things are coming together.  She had a fantastic life until it was all taken away by a car accident that left her helpless, on many meds and she basically was giving up on life.  Come full circle and this woman has the most positive mindset, is off all her meds and even though her life is still challenged by her past accident she is truly a role model to anyone who is experiencing dis-ease (not at ease) in their life!

I’m guided to remind those who are reading this that our darkest times end up to be our strength to help others!

Where is she headed?  Only Spirit knows at this point but isn’t it deliciously exciting to know that we really are on a path to our own greatness and when we are struggling through a shit storm that in 5 years from now you will realize that it was all part of the plan.

@mommawithamindset has been born and I can’t wait to see where she ends up.  Book deals, healing the masses, motivational speaker, there’s no limit when we are being guided by the voices!

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