Being a business owner and being spiritual is like having one foot in the fifth dimension and the other deeply grounded in this third dimension.  You have your love and light hat on one moment and the next you are sending contracts to your attorney.  It can leave you feeling like you are living in two different realities and essentially you are!

A few things have presented themselves to me recently in my own business that brought me so much more clarity and peeled away even more layers, shining light on limiting beliefs that I felt compelled to share them with you in this month’s column of The Art of Spiritual business.

Your clients are there to teach you lessons!  Be grateful for them!

Not every client will leave as a happy customer after buying one of your products or working with you in a service manner.  Shocking, right?  As a spiritual being, you tend to pour a lot more of your heart and soul into your clients than the average business person. When a client expresses their disappointment by sharing a bad review, or simply asks for a refund without any further information or without willingness to share why, it can make you feel like you have done something wrong.  You haven’t!

#1 It’s your client’s personal story, not yours!  Remember, everyone overlays their own stories based on their previous experiences in life, expectations they have created in their mind, and underlying issues and story lines they may not be aware of.  You could have two clients experience the same training or service and they will have two completely different experiences and perceptions of it.

Don’t take it personal! If you haven’t read the book, The Four Agreements, this is one of the four agreements that you need to live by! In fact, I highly recommend becoming familiar with all four of the agreements that are covered in that book as a gentle reminder on how to experience less turbulence in your life.

#2. It’s your job to live in the NOW! It’s definitely not to come up with your own running commentary of why you are unhappy or whose fault it is. It’s not your job to let your monkey mind run in circles until you have come up with a story to justify why you can’t make a change or how they are in the wrong and you are right.  Who cares? You won’t remember next year, maybe not even next week.  Just let it go.

#3. Be grateful for such an opportunity to have an unhappy client.  You are learning something!  Maybe it is to create disclaimers to put on your website so future clients know about your refund policy, maybe it is to create stronger boundaries with your clients, and maybe this experience presented itself because your business is about to grow exponentially and you needed to have new things in place before it became a customer service nightmare.  Isn’t it amazing how the Universe works?

#4.  People pleasing runs rampant when it comes to lightworkers in business.  Lightworkers are here to spread love and ground the light.  They would (more than likely) provide their products or services for free (and sometimes they do) if they didn’t need to have an energy exchange and they didn’t have their own third dimensional bills to pay.  Because of that, many lightworkers have an emotional attachment to charging at all and if someone has a seemingly bad experience they take it especially personal and feel unloved and deflated. Because of their big hearts and deep capacity to love, this experience may cause them to bend over backwards and be taken advantage of.

Think about these things when your experience with a customer is less than you hoped. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs were brought to the light with this experience? How can I evolve as a result?

These are some of the limiting beliefs I have experienced. Perhaps you can relate.

Creating a new identity as a successful business owner means you need to treat it that way.  This isn’t a hobby, this is a business, and you will want to adhere to your own guidelines no matter how your emotions want to get involved.

Don’t ever say you are sorry! One of my rules is to never say you are sorry, unless you did something wrong.  Apologizing gives away your power and when this happens the other person will intuitively pick up that you are feeling deflated or less than them.They gain the power you lost, often unconsciously.  This is when the relationships dynamics will shift, and fast!  You can wish that your client had a better experience but why would you be sorry unless you were the direct cause?

Learn to use the words that are assertive and direct. Your word is your wand, so you don’t want to jump the gun and start rambling or write a response in haste.  Is your emotion running high in response? Get grounded, regain your center and then respond in a professional, fair and direct manner.  This let’s the customer know how the situation will be resolved without any gaps for a back and forth commentary that could turn into an argument.

Don’t forget, you ARE a spiritual person! This means, send that customer love.  You can imagine sending them a pink ball of energy to their heart chakra.  Really mean it because we are one with each other, after all, and that includes angry customers too!  Visualize cutting cords from their energy so you don’t keep replaying the situation over and over.  You can do this by asking Archangel Michael to come assist to cut the energetic chords. Another technique is to imagine a white waterfall washing away all energy that isn’t serving you.

This article goes to show you that you can be mindful while you mind your business all while creating change in our world and abundance in your life!

Do you need help growing through these lessons in life or business?  Set up a discovery call and let’s see if working together is a great match!

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