We all have something that we want more of in our life and for the last couple years I have been talking all about my future personal chef.  Hey, we can dream as big as we want right? I even cut pictures of healthy foods, and photos of chefs creating fancy meals out of magazines and pasted them all over my dream board.

My mother was the only parent and she always had more than one job in order to be able to put food on the table.  The times she did spend in the kitchen she made huge batches of a one recipe so we could eat it during the week.  No complaints here but to give you an idea, there wasn’t ever very many cooking lessons in my youth.  When I got older convenience food took over and the most fancy meal I made as a young adult was hamburger helper.  Needless to say, I never dabbled in the culinary arts, and in my younger years I really didn’t care about what I put in my meat suit.

Fast forward to my spiritual awakening and that’s when I started receiving loud messages from Spirit to eat real food.  I remember sitting outside in nature and this word popped in my head, Arugula!  I asked my husband, “what the heck is arugula because the Angels told me I need to eat it”.  Haha!  But, don’t tease me because I really didn’t know what arugula was.  Not even kidding.

I did change my eating habits and switched to almost 100% organic foods and started making green smoothies and adding in as much “real food” as I could for a couple years but let me just say, the five or so recipes I do know how to make got old, FAST!

Now that you have my backstory, here is where it shifted.  You know how the Universe provides us with what we need but not always in the way that we may expect it to be delivered?  Yeah….that’s what just happened.  I was gifted 6 free meals both from Green Chef and Hello Fresh.  These are food services that deliver fresh (and some organic) food, all the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to create a fancy schmancy dinner.  Smack me in the face Ah Ha moment here!

The chef I’ve been manifesting IS ME! (face palm)

I’m sure you have such a story where you wanted somebody to help you and ended up realizing that somebody was YOU!

Anywho, let me give you the low down on both of these services.

Green Chef!

These recipes are all organic.  They even have Vegan, Vegetarian, and Paleo options.  My husband and I cooked each night together because it was more of an undertaking that throwing chicken on the grill but SO VERY worth the end results.


  • All the food is mixed inside one box and the labels can be hard to distinguish what goes to what recipe.
  • You HAVE to make sure to pause each week’s deliveries after your free trial or you will be charged 7-days in advance.  That or you should suspend your account until you know you want to order.

Shrimp linguine with snap peas, tomatoes, and oh so many delicious spices!

Chicken Tandoori. This had cinnamon, raisins, turmeric, sweet potatoes, quinoa, peas and way more ingredients. This was the bomb dot com


Hello Fresh!  These meals were less in depth and I loved the fact that the recipes came all together in one box.  My husband and I still enjoyed cooking together but these were easier to handle.  I also liked that Hello Fresh emails you asking how you liked that week’s meal as a reminder to either pause your next delivery or suspend your account before they charge you.


  • Not organic.

Chicken with parsley, a beautiful salad with blood oranges, and rosemary potatoes!!

I highly recommend trying both of these services and if you use these links you will receive 4 meals free (at the time of this post).

Try Green Chef here!

Try Hello Fresh here!


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