Hello! My name is Deann Jensen.
I am a Mindful Life Coach and Meditation Teacher.
I love empowering others in living aligned and fulfilled lives! My passion leads my life.
I work with entrepreneurs and high performers to find balance, clarity, calm, and focus in their daily lives. I mentor and coach others in using the tools of the Four M’s: Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindset, and Manifestation.
Mindfulness allows my clients to fully accept and live in the present moment. Meditation gives them more energy, clarity, and focus. I have been practicing meditation for twelve years. I learned when I ended up working for a yogi in college. I learned and practiced with a group of mentors who practiced meditation in the yoga tradition. Meditation and has changed my life. It allows me to be able to find answers within myself.
I work with clients to build a positive and resilient mindset. I also help them plan out and live a life they deserve and desire.
I have a Master’s in Educational Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, where I did my capstone on how meditation can impact academic achievement. In 2017, I wrote a children’s book that incorporates the teaching of basic yoga poses, The Yoga Buddies: Climb the Tree. This book is available on Amazon.
I provide one on one coaching, group programs, meditation classes, and virtual chakra healing and balancing sessions.
I also provide free mindfulness and meditation trainings in my Facebook group, Living Mindfully Together.

Website: www.livingmindfullywithdeann.com (Free meditation journal when you sign up for the email list!)
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313616799421411/ (Free meditation and mindfulness trainings)
IG: @livingmindfullywithdeann
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingmindfullywithdeann

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