Living as an Empath

Are you a highly sensitive person?

Can you feel the emotions of others without being told?

Have you heard the phrase “it’s too people-y out there” and nod in agreement?

Do people ask you, “why are you so sensitive” like something is wrong with you?

Hello, sweet Empath friend!

Imagine the relief you will feel when you know why you are so sensitive and be able to manage the energy overwhelm!


Your sensitivity may feel like a curse but it is really your super power!

You belong to a wave of awakening sensitive people who came to spread love and I can’t wait to share all about your purpose when you sign up!

“Brandaleen is a powerhouse! Prior to her program I had no idea how to separate myself from the energy of others. I was completely drained, stressed out, and emotionally overloaded. Every day was a struggle. I had no idea how to handle personal family issues or why I was always exhausted. I could not understand why people would continue to come to me with their issues when I felt I had nothing left to give emotionally.

With Brandaleen’s Living as an Empath program I learned that I am truly an empath. Her teaching me how to control my gift, handle others, ground myself, and set boundaries has changed my life!”

Kim Yager

In this online course you will learn:


Traits of hightly sensitive people

Learn in detail, the traits of an Empath, a highly sensitive person.


Super powers

Learn what you may feel is a curse is really your soft and sensitive super powers


Relationship dynamics

Understand how relationship dynamics work with highly sensitive people


Anxiety no more!

Ease or stop completely social anxiety


Is this my energy?

Learn how to know when your emotions aren’t yours and what to do about it


Protection for the Empath

Understand your energy field and how to protect it


Your special gifts

Learn what spiritual gifts you have access to as an Empath


Life Purpose of the Empath

Learn what fields and interests that Empaths excel and thrive in and which ones to avoid.


Crystals for the Empath

Gain an understanding of which crystals help with energy management and healing for the Empath


Energy Vampires

Learn about energy vampires, what they do and how to avoid or heal from them


Self care for the Empath

Learn sacred self care practices for highly sensitive people


Types and Levels of Empaths

Learn where you fit in with the many types and levels of Empaths

I enjoyed the fact I could go through the lessons at my own pace. Also, Brandaleen brings in some outside wisdom to even further enrich your experience by hearing from others who have been able to get control of the effects on them, of all the many energies that surround us. A word of warning – you will take this class and want MORE! So I will be back – this woman is the real deal, no BS or extra glitter. If you have been looking for actual tactics and strategies to live in the world as an empath, this class is a great place to start.

Rebecca Hancock

Traverse City, MI

What you get!!

  • Video trainings for each section (Valued at $499)
  • Empowering empaths pre-recorded intensive training with Empath, Stacie Danielle (Valued at $199)
  • Guided meditations for various energy techniques (Valued at $99)
  • Worksheets and journal prompts to help you:
    • Step into your purpose
    • Heal past hurts
    • Learn affirmations for the Empath
    • (Valued at $99)



Plans and Pricing

Want 1:1 support unique to you? 

If you want Brandaleen’s expert eye on your life as an Earth Angel, this is the option for you!  She’s helped 100’s of sensitive people just like you leave toxic relationships and jobs, step into their life purpose, and heal from past energetic traumas!

What My Soul Tribe Is Saying

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

This class was very informative and helped me embrace my true self and be proud of it. My awakening has been a blessing!!

So much of my life I did not understand why I was feeling like everyone wanted to talk to me and tell me about their lives. Or my family and friends would tell me I was so over sensitive because I cried so much. I never looked at this as being a gift but yet another negative about myself. Through this class I realized that I am an earth angel and as far as I am concerned that is NOT a negative. I used to wear my hood over my head when I walked into crowds and my friends thought I was trying to be a bad ass, I never understood why I did this but now I know I was protecting myself from what I learned in this class. Thank you so much for helping my to realize I have a gift.  Highly recommend for any highly sensitive person!

Sheila Hentschel

Spiritual Coach, Be Your Own Kind of Normal

“I really enjoyed this class! I’m really excited to have begun my spiritual journey and cant wait to learn all that there is to be had!  I’m signing up for your AWAKEN class too!”

Trevor Cornish

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